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Better Browsing

By Steven M. Cohen
Information Today

Add-ons make me a faster and more effective researcher, so much so that this is one addiction I am not willing to give up. I'll be the first one to sign up for FAOA (Firefox Add-On Anonymous). Here are my favorites, but yours may vary.

Jureeka: When I first read about Jureeka, I was sitting in my office in Long Island, N.Y., taking a break from my latest legal research assignment. After installing the application, I showed my bosses, and our mouths dropped collectively.

This tool lets users find a free copy of nearly any case law citation by typing it into the toolbar. For example, input 630 F.2d 876, and Jureeka will automatically bring you to a free version at It also works for U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulation, and Federal Register citations; patents; U.S. public laws; and more.

And if you are looking at a document online with a citation that Jureeka understands, it will create a link to a free version of that case, if available. If you are looking at a PDF version of a document that cites cases, there is a button that will create an HTML version of the PDF that links to freely available versions.

Sometimes, I am asked to locate cases without spending money on Westlaw or LexisNexis, so I use Jureeka to find them before I start spending clients' money. Jureeka is a beautiful tool and a must for any law librarian.