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April 12, 2009

Students are protesting the academic curve (currently set at C+).  Administration refuses to listen.   The administration changed the curve a couple of years ago from a B to a C+.  The results of academic dismissals have been amazing.  Averaging 18-20% (yet St. Mary's swears they only drop out 10%).  Sounds like fraud/false advertising to me.  Incoming students and parents should be aware of what's going on before making the costly commitment to join St. Mary's.  Shameful. 

How is it that the class of 2009 started off with 365 students and only 210 are graduating? St. Mary's is the only law school to make it almost impossible for a student to graduate.  SHOCKING!  What even more shocking is that most of the dismissals are minorities!!!!! 

Something is wrong with this picture.  I hope that someone in the media can get to the bottom of this.  I'm sure you can get plenty of students to speak out against the administration.