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Dedman School of Law
Ranked Best Law School
In the State of Texas

By: John Coleman, Associate News Editor
The Daily Campus

Posted: 8/25/08

SMU has received top marks again for its graduate programs. This time the Dedman School of Law has been recognized as the top law school in Texas according to current law students.

More than 1100 students currently enrolled in Texas law schools were polled in the Texas Lawyer's 2008 Dear Dean survey. This accounts for a range of 10-25 percent of enrollment at each institution.

In the poll students were asked to rate on a scale from one to five different aspects of their law school such as placement office helpfulness, preparation for practice, collegiality, technology, teaching quality, library services, faculty accessibility, and student diversity. With an overall score of 4.09, SMU bested all other Texas law schools.

According to John B. Attanasio, Dean of the Dedman School of Law, a lot of the satisfaction among SMU students is due to the high placement rate. More than 97 percent of graduating law students at SMU are employed within nine months, also a best in Texas.

Along with rating schools in the survey students were asked hypothetical questions such as if you could go back in time would you choose the same path? SMU students responded in majority, over 85 percent, chose to take the same path and those choosing a different path, chose not to attend law school at all.

The survey also revealed that average total law school debt for SMU was $67,612, a moderate figure compared to the $63,000 reported for the University of Texas, and $74,000 for Baylor University law.