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Boston College Law School student Adrienne E. Reynolds poses for the cover of Barstool Sports.

Legal Eagle dares to bare:
State rep. backs BC student because he did it in 1982!

By Joe Dwinell/ Exclusive
Senior Executive City Editor/ Web
Boston Herald
Saturday, March 17, 2007

A blond bombshell from Boston College Law School is ruffling Eagle feathers for posing semi-nude in just her briefs - and a strategically placed school pennant - in a free barroom magazine.
    Racy comments about the salacious spread in Barstool Sports got so out of hand on a BC Law Web page, the editors stripped the story off the site.
    “People were saying really nasty things,” one law school student said.
    Posts on other legal-oriented Web sites were equally biting: “This is why women shouldn’t be lawyers,” wrote one visitor to abovethelaw.com.
    In true lawyer fashion, the budding barrister herself, Adrienne E. Reynolds (class of 2009), dodged all questions, acknowledging she’s worried about getting into trouble at school.
    “I’m not saying anything,” Reynolds said as she walked into Whiskey’s, a Boston bar, on Thursday for a promotional appearance as a packed house - mostly men - got the chance to have a picture taken with the stunning coed, who was wearing a skin-tight black cocktail dress.
    But her escort, Barstool Sports publisher Dave Portnoy, called any objections from BC officials to her photo spread “ridiculous.”
    Reynolds is on the cover of the magazine and has a full page devoted to her inside with a half-dozen R-rated photos and a Q&A interview (she wants to be a stay-at-home mom and “likes the little dimples in the small of my lower back).”
    Jack Dunn, spokesman for BC, told the Herald that while the law school “reserves the right to discipline students for inappropriate conduct, it does not believe that this incident rises to that level. We trust that our law school students can make appropriate judgments on their own.”
    But her fellow law school students are the ones turning up the morality on the model.
    “It’s all jealousy,” said state Sen. Scott Brown (R-Wrentham), and he should know.
    Brown, a BC law grad, said he paid for his education at the Heights 25 years ago by posing nude after being declared one of America’s sexiest males by Cosmopolitan magazine.
    “She should be proud of how she looks and stick to her guns,” Brown told the Herald yesterday. “Probably what BC is upset about is her use of the BC logo.”
    Brown, father of former “American Idol” finalist Ayla Brown, who also attends BC, said his “beefcake” photo spread in Cosmo’s June 1982 edition pictured him in the buff with his hands and arms strategically placed.
    “It was a great time of my life,” he said, adding the $2,000-a-day salary he collected for “many days” was worth all the trouble.
    As for Reynolds, she wouldn’t say if she’s being paid. But that hasn’t stopped the critics.
    “A percentage of the student body felt (her pictorial) didn’t reflect the standards of professionalism and morals at BC law,” said Austin Evers, a first-year law student who works for the school’s Eagleionline.com site.
    Josh Lunt of the Daily News Tribune and Kerry Purcell of the Herald contributed to this report.