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Magazine gives law school 'super' ranking

Florida Alligator Contributing Writer |

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

UF has produced a lot of Super Lawyers in its day, but they dont wear capes.

Law & Politics magazine recently released law school rankings based on the number of high-caliber lawyers, or Super Lawyers, produced.

UFs Levin College of Law placed eighth overall nationally, fourth among public schools and first in Florida.

Nationally, UFs law school beat those at Yale University, Boston University, Boston College, Cornell University, UCLA, Stanford University and Duke University.

In order to be nominated as a Super Lawyer, lawyers undergo a vigorous selection process. The candidates are formally nominated by other lawyers.

After a candidate is nominated, he or she is added to the pool of potential winners and evaluated by the Law & Politics research department. Following the research phase, candidates are evaluated by their peers.

Robert Jerry, dean of UFs Levin College of Law, believes the ranking is a testimony to the students and professors at the college.

[Editor's Note: The University of Florida Levin College of Law is ranked #40 by the Law School 100 and #51 by U.S. News]