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Law Students' Records Published Online

NEW YORK, Sept. 27 (UPI) -- Officials at the City University of New York blamed human error for making sensitive financial information for 300 law school students public on the Web.

The information included a spreadsheet with names, Social Security numbers and loan information as well as a file containing direct-deposit bank information, an unidentified student told Newsday.

The student found the information during a Google search using her name.

"I was shocked, I was outraged," the second-year law student said. "People have access to our names. Lord knows what they have by now. I'm worried about my safety and my credit."

"It's a human error ... that placed the file outside a protected firewall," a CUNY spokesman said of the mistake that affected Queens College students.

While the university said it took immediate steps to cut the link, angry students said they were told of the breach only after "mass hysteria" broke out.

"I saw everybody's names from A to Z," the student told the newspaper. "Are they willing to pay for five years of free credit checks for all of us affected?"