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From EssayEdge


To All Editors:
Thank you for your hard work and ongoing attention to quality editing.  This past December, we experienced one of, if not the, lowest complaint ratios in our twelve years in operation.  No less than 97.9% of EssayEdge clients were pleased with the service they received on their orders, and if you take into account the fact that roughly half of complaints are eventually found to be without merit, EssayEdge editors are performing at a 99% success rate.  Well done!
I am writing today, however, not for any failure on the part of the freelance network nor to take issue with any bad habits or negative trends we have discovered.  As we have all been reading in the newspapers, the country-and the world-are going through one of the most severe periods of economic contraction in decades, and despite the superior performance delivered by Edge contractors, our sales continue to be down.  As you may have heard, both Peterson's and its corporate parents have gone through multiple rounds of layoffs and many initiatives and perquisites have been curtailed in this truly extreme economic environment.  From coast-to-coast across this country and from industry to industry, employees, employers, and contractors alike are all experiencing a truly historical degree of economic turmoil.
Because of this unique economic landscape, we are forced to make some decisions about how we are going to continue to do business moving forward.  One step we are taking, effective immediately, is to cut costs by prioritizing orders to newer editors who are paid less for every order. You may have already felt the impact of this decision in a decreased order volume. This is certainly not a decision we take lightly; however, doing so will help ensure the survival of the business. For those of you who have been editing essays for EssayEdge for several years, we understand that this may come as unwelcome news.   We have been and continue to be grateful for your services.

Here is how we will proceed:
* If you would like to work with an increased order volume, we will need to renegotiate your rate of pay. Please contact me ASAP and we can discuss.

* If you feel that you are being paid at an appropriate rate, that is also fine, and we're happy for you to continue to receive orders. Please understand, however, that you will see a significant drop in your order volume, especially during the times when the business experiences heavy order volume.
For those of you who are unwilling to continue contracting for EssayEdge, it is our pledge to make your transition as smooth and trouble-free as possible.  We will be happy to provide you with a professional letter of contractor good performance barring any contrary information in your setup.  We will fully endorse your candidacy for other freelance or other work you might be pursuing. 
I hope you will not hesitate to call me at 609-896-1800 x53115 if you have any questions or comments.
Respectfully yours,

S. Michael Choi
Managing Editor, EssayEdge 
Peterson's, a Nelnet Company