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News and Announcements at Carolina Law
New Dean Update from Search Committee Chair

You may have heard by now that Professor Erwin Chemerinsky has declined Carolina's offer to be the next dean of the School of Law.  I deeply regret that this is the case, but I also want to reassure everyone that we are moving forward.  Provost Shelton made an extraordinary offer that would have allowed the next dean to do wonderful and important things, especially when combined with other external support.  In fact, I believe that the scope of the offer from Provost Shelton is unprecedented at Carolina.  It represented a meaningful commitment to advancing the interests of the Law School.  Professor Chemerinsky ultimately decided that the resources were not adequate to achieve his goals for the Law School.  I respect his good-faith decision, though I wish it had been different.  Now we move ahead in seeking to identify the next dean of the Law School.  The search committee will meet as soon as possible to plan our next steps.  We will not make any further recommendation to Provost Shelton without additional input from the faculty and other interested members of the Law School community.  Please contact me if you have any questions.  These kinds of searches have their ups and downs.  I am committed to working with the committee to produce a positive outcome for the Law School.


Michael R. Smith

of Government
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
CB# 3330 Knapp-Sanders Building
Chapel Hill
, NC 27599-3330
T: 919-966-4107  F: 919-962-2370