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Law Degree for Sale?

Inside Higher Ed
March 1, 2010

A frustrated lawyer (or someone claiming to be one) is attempting to sell a law degree on Craigslist and eBay. "After several years of practicing law with a bunch of nerds in Silicon Valley I have come to the conclusion that my law degree is useless and I don't want to be a lawyer anymore. Though I spent over $100,000 on it I am willing to sell it for the bargain basement price of $59,250, which is the current value of my remaining student loan balance," the ad states. It adds a disclaimer: "This piece of shit isn't even written in English. It's in Latin or something, but I have the translation. It says 'Haha. We took your tuition money bitch, now suck it. Sincerely, President of the University.' " Via e-mail on Sunday, the anonymous person who posted the ad said that the high bid so far is $200 although the most creative bid is "a $50 offer from a documentary filmmaker to urinate on my diploma and then set it on fire." Beyond the bids, the response has been positive, he said. "It's amazing that out of the around 250 replies I've received probably 98 percent have mentioned how I'm spot on that the legal profession is wacked. Many people have written about their frustrations with large law firms, being unemployed, and/or student loan debt," he said. While the ads did not identify the source of the law degree, several comments on the blog Above the Law identify the diploma as coming from Georgetown University's law school.