Notice Regarding February 2004 Bar Exam Results

There was a mistake on essay question #3 on the February 2004 bar examination. The words “summary judgment,” rather than “preliminary injunction,” appeared in one part of the call of that question.

After discussion and review, the Board of Bar Examiners has decided that the appropriate response to this matter is to drop question #3 from the scoring of the exam. As a result, the combined essay/MPT scaled score is based upon five items rather than six. The Board consulted with national experts on the psychometric issues implicated by dropping one of the items and concluded that the reliability and validity of the exam is not substantially impacted by this decision. The Georgia Bar Exam continues to be a fair, valid and reliable test of minimum competency to practice law.

To implement this decision, the Office of Bar Admissions calculated the scores of all applicants who were unsuccessful on the February exam, leaving out the score on item #3. As a result, seven additional applicants passed the February exam. They have each been contacted and sent a certificate of eligibility.

This concludes the review of the February bar exam. The Board is convinced that this was the fair and appropriate response to the mistake and to an item that did not perform as expected. The Board has developed two additional levels of review of the questions before they are printed for the exam to prevent any recurrence of this mistake on future exams.