'No Wonder Gore Flunked Law School'

Posted by Jeremy Robb
Wednesday, November 12, 2003


       Al Gore made it clear this past weekend why he dropped out of law school by calling for the repeal of the Patriot Act. 


       ''Where civil liberties are concerned, they have taken us much farther down the road to an intrusive, 'Big Brother'-style government ó toward the dangers prophesized by George Orwell in his book '1984' ó than anyone ever thought would have been possible in the United States,'' Gore told a crowd of enthusiastic supporters on Sunday.  ''These constant violations of civil liberties promote the false impression that those violations are necessary in order for them to take every precaution against another terrorist attack,'' he said.


       Apparently, Al Gore either hasnít read the Patriot Act (like virtually all of its critics) or heís showing exactly why it was necessary for him to drop out of law school.  Iím curious how Al Gore and the ACLU holes define civil liberties.  We hear all kinds of barking about ''constant violations of civil liberties'' from these people, but where is the evidence?  Can they point to a single case where someone has had their civil liberties abused because of the Patriot Act?


       Though itís not an exciting read, I would encourage everyone to at least scan through the Patriot Act to see what it actually says.  Based on what you read and hear in the media, you might be a little shocked to find that there is no reference to spying on innocent citizens, peering into your library records, or locking you up without due process.


       Whether it is ignorance, politics, or both, many radicals on both the left and the right have heavily criticized the Patriot Act as a serious invasion of civil liberties and privacy, and intrusion by government.  The problem is that itís a lie.  Unfortunately, itís a lie that could cost thousands of lives in this country.


       The Patriot Act essentially plugs gaps in various existing laws and adapts many practices used in fighting organized crime to fighting terrorists as well.  It also does the important job of allowing information to be more easily shared between various state and federal law enforcement agencies to help prevent future terrorist attacks due to lack of communication time lost trying to connect the dots to diffuse terrorist activity.


       So far the security measures taken by state and federal law enforcement, including the Patriot Act, have worked beyond expectations.  Who can honestly say after 9/11 that they would expect zero successful domestic terrorist attacks to occur over the next two years?  I fully anticipated multiple terrorist attacks to succeed in the months following the attacks of September 11.  But they never happened.


       And the lack of successful terrorist attacks has not been due to the terrorists taking a break.  I asked a former member of the White House counter-terrorism team, who was in the White House on September 11, whether he was aware of any major domestic terrorist attacks that had been thwarted over the past two years.  His answer?  ''Yes, a lot.''  I clarified that I was talking about attacks that would have been the magnitude of September 11.  He then clarified, ''Yes, there have been a lot.  I canít get into specifics, but letís just say that thanks to some incredible work by law enforcement we have averted a lot of major disasters.''


       Without the provisions in the Patriot Act, who knows how many of these multiple major terrorist attack plans might have succeeded.  Repealing the Patriot Act under the guise of ''civil liberties violations'' puts everyoneís life in jeopardy without cause.  How many news stories or 60 Minutes pieces have you seen that document the civil liberties violations of United States citizens due to the Patriot Act?  Donít you think these Bush-hating leftists would take every opportunity they could to document these violations?


       Not all Democrats are as ignorant and dangerous as Al Gore and the ACLUholes.  Senator Joseph Biden, Jr. (D-Del) recently called criticism of the Patriot Act ''ill-informed and overblown.''  Senator Diane Feinstein (D-Cal) thinks there is ''substantial uncertainty and perhaps some ignorance about what this bill actually does do and how it has been employed.''   She added, ''I have never had a single abuse of the Patriot Act reported to me.''


       So donít allow law school flunkies like Gore to influence your opinion about the Patriot Act.  Unless, of course, youíre a terrorist who wants to make it easier to destroy our country.