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Laurie Green

Former Professor Sues Law School Grad


November 21, 2008
A former law student was recently arrested, accused of creating a bogus e-mail to get a former law professor in trouble.

The suspect is Laurie Green, who graduated from the Florida Coastal School of Law. The threatening e-mail police said she sent to herself cost her former professor, Mike Jorgensen, his job at the law school.

Jorgensen is now suing Green for slander. He is an attorney and was a law professor at the Florida Coastal School of Law for 12 years. However, he said in March that Green told school administrators he sexually harassed her.

"Our relations was both social and professional, but in both situations, professional or social, I was never out of line with the student," Jorgensen said.

The law professor said because of the allegations he was forced to resign from the job he loved and he has not been able to get another job at another law school.

"When I first found out about the allegations, I knew it was a preemptive move to try to avoid a bad reference on my part," Jorgensen said.

On Wednesday, Green, who was his former student and research assistant, was arrested.

Police documents state that Green gave law school administrators an e-mail as evidence of harassment that appeared to have been sent from Jorgensen after Green refused his sexual advances.

According to police documents, the e-mail reads, "Laurie, I have given thought to your decision from the other night and I have decided that if this is still your decision then I will not be able to give you favorable references."

Police said they've since learned that e-mail was created by Green.

"I'd never seen it before. I knew it wasn't my e-mail," Jorgensen said.

Investigators went through computer records and found that Green had created the e-mail address while she was working for a Southside law firm.

Jorgensen filed a civil lawsuit against the Green on the same day she was arrested.

"I would just like the truth to come out. I would like to have my name and my character reinstated," Jorgensen said.

Green has been released from jail. Hank Coxe is Green's defense attorney. Coxe said she would plead not guilty.

"Given all the circumstances, I am bewildered Mr. Jorgensen would want any of this aired in the public domain," Coxe stated.

The Florida Coastal School of Law said it didn't want to comment on the issue. Coxe is on the board of advisors for the school.