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Lawmaker Wants to Cut Law School Funding,
Says There Are Too Many Wisconsin Lawyers

July 12, 2007
MADISON, Wis. -- A lawmaker said he wants to cut all state funding for the University of Wisconsin Law School because, he says, there are too many lawyers in Wisconsin.

State Representative Frank Lasee said Wisconsin doesn't need any more ambulance chasers or frivolous lawsuits.

Janesville attorney reacts to proposed cuts to UW Law School

July 18, 2007

A Janesville-based attorney isn't impressed with a legislator's proposed budget cuts to the UW Law School.

State Bar of Wisconsin President Tom Basting says his organization is somewhat appalled and concerned that Representative Frank Lasee is making these kinds of gross comments about the legal profession in general. Basting says the comments are totally uncalled for.

Basting says it would be the same thing if he said Wisconsin needs to cut down on legislators because the state has legislators taking stances strictly based on personal prejudices. Lasee's budget provision would phase out all state funding to the UW Law School.