Old News 

Unaccredited Law Schools Attacked - 6/15 / ABA Provisionally OKs Law School / LSAT Change / Anonymous Law Firm - 6/12

New UNC Law Dean / US News Changes / The Summer Associate Grind? / Basic Training for Lawyers - 5/26 / Dean Passes Bar Exam / Attn: Law Profs - 5/23 / Sager Named UT Dean / Reviewing the Bar Exam - 5/11 / Yalies Defend Bin Laden Aide / Duke Dean Resigns / Law Deans Blast ABA - 4/21

Christian Group Loses Law-School Lawsuit / No Bar Exam! / Controversial Dean Search / UH Dean Rapoport Resigns / Minnesota Dean Resigns / Yale Steals Harvard Prof / Law Dean Rebuffed / BAR/BRI Sued Again The Complaint - 4/18

The Whitest Law Schools? / Law Student Accused of Terrorism / 300,000 Law Students v. BAR/BRI? - 4/5 / 2 Law Profs Die / Law School Revival? - 4/2 / Bar Exam Bill Defeated - 3/31

U.S. News 2007 Rankings / Stanford Gets $20M Gift - 3/28 / Piercing the Law Review Veil / Columbia's Scandal / You Failed the Bar Exam. Now What? / Harvard Law Student Exposes Genitals - 3/24  

Law Prof Bans Laptops / Why Associates' Salaries Are Soaring / More Law School Protests? / Skadden Lawyers Blindsided / 'A Scathing Indictment of Law Schools' / Why Few Women Make Partner - 3/21

Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools / Law Students 'Make Law' / Cole Named USD Dean / More Bar Exam Failures  Why? / Essary to Head Campbell / Former Dean Dies - 3/15 / Skip Law School, Take the Bar Exam? / NYU Raids Columbia - 3/9 / National Jurist: BAR/BRI Accused of Illegally Limiting Competition and Overcharging Law Students / Law Profs' Folly / Controversy at Yale Law - 3/9

Chemerinsky Declines Deanship / Faculty Moves / Supreme Court Rebukes Law Schools on Military Recruitment - 3/7 / Law School Loses Accreditation - 3/5 / You're Admitted to Boalt -- Not! / Lewis & Clark Dean to Step Down - 2/22 / 'Dean of Law School Radicalism' / How Not to Get a Law Job -  2/16  

ABA Approves Another Law School / Bar Examiners May Nix Mental Health Q's / ABA Provisionally Approves Law School / Restatement of Love - 2/14 / Columbia v. Harvard / ABA 'to Order Law Schools to Violate the Law' / Law School Apps Decline - 2/11

Cornell First on July 2005 NY Bar Exam 
For only first-time candidates:
1 Cornell 95%  2 NYU 94%  3 Columbia 90%  4 St. John's 89%  5 Fordham 88%  6 Cardozo 86%  7 Brooklyn 84%  8 Buffalo 80%  9 Albany 78%  10 NYLS 74%  11 Syracuse 73%  12 Hofstra 71%  12 Pace 71%  14 Touro 65%  15 CUNY 62% / Story

Geraldo Cafe at Brooklyn Law School
/ Duke Beats Memphis to Win Moot Court
- 2/6 / Full ABA Accreditation Recommended / Weighing Scalia - 1/31 / Harvard Law Prof Dies / Law School Loses Accreditation - 1/28 / Penn Law Grad Guilty of UPL / Clinton Might Take Bar Exam - 1/21

Black Woman Named Widener Dean - 1/8 / 'Third-Tier Law School' Fights for New Life / Goofing Off in Law School? / Alito as Law Prof / NY Law School Gets $150M Aid / Challenging Bar Exam Limits - 1/3 / Law Libes Ranked by Size - 12/28 / Perplexed by the Bar Exam / BAR/BRI Paid Law School Not to Compete / UConn Dean Named Hastings Dean - 12/22

UCLA First on July 2005 CA Bar Exam
For only first-time candidates, ABA-Accredited Schools:
1 UCLA 88.7% (235/265)  2 Stanford 88.0% (73/83)  3 Boalt 87.0% (201/231)  4 Hastings 84.3% (305/362)  5 USC 81.7% (152/186)  6 USD 80.0% (187/234)  7 Loyola 75.0% (251/335)  8 USF 74.4% (131/176)  9 UC Davis 73.8% (118/160)  10 Pepperdine 72.6% (114/157)  11 Southwestern 66.4% (162/244)  12 McGeorge 63.9% (168/263)  13 Santa Clara 62.5% (163/261)  14 Chapman 59.5% (66/111)  15 Cal Western 57.7% (101/175)  16 Golden Gate 43.8% (60/137)  17 Whittier 39.7% (69/174)  18 Thomas Jefferson 38.4% (43/112)  19 Western State 24.6% (17/69)  
State-Accredited-Only Schools: 
San Joaquin 38.9% (14/36)  La Verne 32.0% (8/25)   
Correspondence Schools:

Oak Brook 27.3% (3/11)  Concord 22.7% (10/44)   

Full California Bar Exam Stats
- 12/22

Billing $1,000/Hour / Former Law School Dean Sentenced / Funding Summer Jobs / Yale & the 'N Word' - 12/20 / Law Dean v. Bar Examiners / Wanna Be a Law Prof?  - 12/19  

Law School Lets Prof 'Twist in the Wind' / UPI: BAR/BRI Sued  - 12/12 / New Midwest Law School? / Harvard Law School Tilts Right? / Leftist Law Schools - 12/10 / Law Grad Denied Bar Admission / Law Schools v. Military - 12/7

Law Prof Quits After Exposť / Dean Fails Bar Exam / 'Pump Judge' Gets Extension / Empirical Legal Studies / Abolish the Bar Exam? - 12/5 / NY Times: Did BAR/BRI 'Overbill' Law Students, Lawyers? - 12/4 / Texas Dean Resigns / Manhattan Law School / Should You Be a Lawyer? - 12/2

The 'School-Sanctioned' Bar Review - 11/30 / Awaiting ABA Accreditation / Moot Court / NY Bar Results  67% Pass Rate / California Bar Results - 11/18    

Fewer Students = Higher Rank? / How to Boost USC's US News Ranking / Law Firm 250 / Law Students Against Alito / The 'Little Supremes' - 11/14 / O's Blog / Loyola New Orleans / Baylor, Tech Beat U of Texas (Again) - 11/11

Summer 2005 Texas Bar Exam: 1 Baylor 93.51%; 2 Texas Tech 91.01%; 3. U of Texas 89.35%; 4 SMU 87.50%; 5 U of Houston 85.19%, 6 Texas Wesleyan 82.93%; 7 South Texas 77.24%; 8 St. Mary's 72.33%; 9 Texas Southern 59.38% (First-Time Takers)

Law Dean to Head UT / Law School 'Fantasy Leagues' / Too Many Law Schools? / In Defense of Law Reviews - 11/6 / Law School 'Law Porn' / Texas Law School 'Needs Overhaul' / New Law School? - 11/1 / BigLaw Scam / LSAT 'Scam' / Law-Firm Pep Rally - 10/26  

Law Students Imbibe for Credit / U.S. News Silliness / Law Schools for Niche Law Students - 10/19 / ABA Puts Law School on Probation / Law School Wins ABA Reprieve / Your Life as an Associate / DA Candidate Tries to Hide Bar Exam Failures - 10/7  

CA Bars Foreign Attorneys - Update / Are Associates Slackers? - 10/4 / Law Students' Records Published / Tulane 'Struggles to Survive' / Outsourcing Your Law Job / Dean: Law Schools Must Change - 9/28 / New Law School Approved / Tulane Law Prof Dies / Law Prof Gets Death Threats - 9/25 / Why Bar Review Courses Are So Expensive / Law Prof: BAR/BRI Reps Face Tax Issues - 9/23 

Battle Over Solomon / Tulane Recalls Its Law Students / No Need for Law School / Harvard Law School Okays Military Recruiters - 9/22 / Three Law Schools Denied Federal Funds / Law Profs Move New Orleans Confab / Harvard 'Revitalizes' Its 'Aging Faculty' - 9/16 / Boalt Prof Urges Assassinations - 9/12

The BAR/BRI - Kaplan Lawsuit / Another Law Grad Arrested for Posing as Lawyer / West Publishing 'Whacked' - 9/8 / Grads May Have to Retake the Bar Exam / Law Grad Arrested for Posing as Lawyer / Helping La. Law Students / New Online Lawbook Store - 9/3

BAR/BRI Sued Again for Allegedly Illegal Acts / The Hurricane's Effect on Tulane / Law Prof on Allegations Against BAR/BRI - 8/31 / Scalia at Chapman / 'Law Prof Is a Donkey' - 8/28 / Law School Hyperbole / Former Yale Law Dean Dies - 8/26

Top Law Schools See Declining Apps / Warning to Law Profs: No Spandex, Tank Tops, or Midriff Shirts / Email From Concord - 8/22 / American Lawyer Magazine: West Publishing 'May Have Shafted' Law Students; BAR/BRI Accused of Illegal Acts / Three Years of Law School? - 8/8 / Minority Enrollment in Law Schools 'Dwindling' / ABA Puts 2 Law Schools on Probation - 8/5

Law School Dean Dies at ABA Conference / Law School in Five Minutes - 8/4 / Law School Denied ABA Accreditation / Law School Sued by Its Law Students - 8/2 / The Larry Tribe Song / How Law Schools Manipulate the US New Rankings / Bar/Bri Loses Motion in Federal Court - 8/1 / Bar Examiners Say PMBR Illegally Copied MBE Questions - 7/28

Chapman Up; Boalt, UCLA Down on CA Bar Exam
Feb. 2005 first-time takers, ABA-accredited schools:
1 Stanford 100% (4/4)  2 USC 100% (2/2)  3 USD 80% (20/25)  4 Pepperdine 77% (10/13)  5 UC Davis 75% (6/8)  6 Chapman 69% (9/13)  7 Cal Western 68% (65/96)  8 Santa Clara 68% (23/34)  9 S'western 68% (23/34)  10 USF 67% (12/18)  11 Hastings 67% (8/12)  12 McGeorge 59% (17/29)  13 Loyola 54% (26/48)  14 Golden Gate 43% (17/40)  15 Boalt 42% (5/12)  16 Whittier 33% (8/24)  17 UCLA 33% (2/6)  18 Thomas Jefferson 32% (11/34)  19 Western State 31% (8/26)     Full California Statistics

Hofstra Law's Hasidic Dean / Bar Review Guru Howard Rossen Dies'- 8/28 / Law School Founder Pleads Guilty - 7/28 / 'Disbarred Law Prof' May Be Reinstated / Corruption Alleged in Law School Merger Failure -7/22 / State Bar Questions Value of the Bar Exam - 7/15 / Federal Court Says Law School Can't Expand - 7/11Law School on the Verge of ABA Approval - 7/8 / Law School Rocked by Scandal - 7/1 / Bar Exam Fees to Increase Next Year - 6/29 / Conservative Law Prof Wins Right to Teach - 6/28 / How the Grader Lost the Bar Exam Answers - 6/23 / Law School Grad Who Failed Calif. Bar Exam Sues ABA, California Bar, Seeking $43 Million - 6/17 / Texas Law Prof Convicted, Sentenced / Court Defers New York Bar Exam Change - 6/15 / Law School 'Faces Financial Collapse' / Law School Program Under Criminal Probe - 6/08 / Bar Exam Answers Stolen; Scores 'Imputed' - 6/03 / Lawsuit Says Bar/Bri Secretly Paid Kaplan More Than $500,000 a Year to Stay Out of Bar Review Business - 5/27

Law Briefs: Join the Army and Sue the World - 8/01 / Dershowitz Defends Against DePaul Prof's Accusation of Plagiarism - 7/15 / Summer Associates Just Wanna Have Fun - 7/11 / Law Schools Seek Minorities in Elementary School / Mayor 'Flunked the Bar Exam Four Times' - 7/3 / Law School, Prof, Student Settle Sexual Harassment Suit - 6/27 / Bulls, Bears, & Law Profs / Law Dean's Demotion 'Correct' / Summer 2005 Associates - 6/20 / Microsoft Gives Law School $1M - 6/15 / Law Student Wins Federal Appeal Against Law School / Former Michigan Law Dean Resigns Cornell Presidency / Most Cited Law Reviews - 6/13 / Cyclist, Attacked by Law Prof, Testifies / NC Prof to Head Cincinnati - 6/10

From USC Law Student to 'Gay Marine Porn Star' / Advice for Summer Associates / Testing Old Law Profs - 6/07 / Is the Bar Exam Relevant? / Is Penn Law School Overrated? / Lexis-Nexis to Collect and Sell More Personal Data - 6/03 / Tougher NY Bar Exam? / Seeking Accreditation / Abolish the Bar Exam? - 5/29

Larry Tribe's Shocker / BU's Frederick Lawrence Named GW Dean - 5/27 / California Pass Rate: 40% / Bar Assoc. Prez: Don't Raise Bar Exam Passing Score - 5/24 / Earn Big Bucks! Write Law Review! / Law Prof's Sexual Molestation Past / Penn State Lawsuit Dismissed - 5/21

Texas Bar Exam Results: 1 Tech  2 Baylor  3 UofTexas  4 SMU  5 Houston  6 Wesleyan  7 St. Mary's  8 So.Texas  9 TSU / Alum Seeks Ouster of Law School Officials / NY Bar Exam Results - 5/19 

National Law Journal: Federal Antitrust Action 
Against BAR/BRI Seeks Treble Damages
- 5/16 / ABA Journal: Law Students May Each Get $1,000 - 5/13 / Bar/Bri 'Ripped Off' Law Students - 5/4 / Lawsuit Says Bar/Bri Overcharged Law Students At Least $300 Million for Bar Review Courses - 4/29

Law Schools Require Pro Bono
/ Women, Minorities Are 'Underrepresented' on Legal Journals
- 5/16 / Harvard Raiding UChicago? - 5/12 / Law Deans Defend Judiciary - 5/6 / Results of Law School Survey / S.Ct. to Review Military Recruitment at Law Schools - 5/4 / Dean Blasts Harvard, Tribe / Howard Moot Court Team Beats Harvard / FSU Prof Named Pitt Dean - 4/25  

Job Outlook Bullish for Law School Grads / Cornell Profs: Solomon Unconstitutional / Law Review on Amazon / Vanderbilt Dean to Head Wash U - 4/23 / Do You Belong in Law School? / The Law School Ranking Game - 4/18

Associate Held in Contempt for Not Seeking Bar Admission / Legal ReCourse / Harvard Reprimands Laurence Tribe / Law Prof Teaching Loads / Hastings Lawsuit - 4/14 / Public Law School Approved / En Passant / Lexis-Nexis Problem 'Much Worse' - 4/12 / Controversy Over US News Law School Rankings / Hastings Coup / Shifting Law Schools / Christian Law Students Sue - 4/7

Winter 2005 Bar Exam Results: AL / AK / AZ / AR / CA / CO / CT / DE / DC / FL / GA / HI / ID / IL / IN / IA / KS / KY / LA / ME / MD / MA / MI / MN / MS / MO / MT / NE / NV / NH / NJ / NM / NY / NC / ND / OH / OK / OR / PA / RI / SC / SD / TN / TX / UT / VT / VA / WA / WV / WI / WY Results are added as they become available.

WestLaw, LexisNexis Settle Class-Action Suit - 4/4What New Lawyers Want - 4/1 / Law School Rejected - 3/31 / US News Law School Rankings! - 3/28 / A Law School's Rebirth / Law Student Sues Over Porn Videos - 3/25  

Law School Conspiracy? / State OKs New Law School / Law Prof. John Ashcroft / Law School v. Law School / New Tulsa Dean - 3/22

Reimagining Law School / Change the LSAT? / Law School Rules - 3/18 / Law Prof Gender Segregation / Gonzaga Names New Dean / Paralegal Turns In Lawyer - 3/17  

UNC Dean to Head Wm & Mary / New Southwestern Dean / Law School Is a 'Pointless Gamble' / Columbia LS Spams - 3/14 / Lexis-Nexis Hacked / Hidden Associates / Panel Backs UMass Law School / Campbell Founding Dean to Head Elon - 3/9

Law Prof Blasts Supremes / Illinois COL Is 'on the Move' - 3/7 / Bar Exams, Finals Are 'Perverse' / Global Law School - 3/4 / Lexis, Westlaw & Identity Theft / Law Prof Dies / Pre-Law Prep - 3/3

Westlaw 'on the Hot Seat' / 'Terrorist' Law Prof / Former Hofstra Dean to Head Loyola-Chicago / Feminine Lawyering? / 2 Campuses OK'd - 2/28 / UNLV Wins Big / Law School Peeping Toms / Texas Law Prof Dies - 2/27 / U.S. Senator Slams Westlaw / Yale Contradictions? / JD/LL.B. - 2/24

The Practice of Law School / Texas May Admit Online Law Grads / Rutgers-Camden Get $11M Grant / Judge Won't Hire Yalies / Gen Y Law Students - 2/23 / Twerski Named Hofstra Dean - 2/17  

Western State, Georgia's John Marshall Win Provisional Approval / Law School Preaches - 2/15 / NY Times on Black Law Students - 2/13 / Limiting Law-Review Article Length / Law School Sues / George Mason Names Dean - 2/8 / Law Schools v. U.S. - 2/4

How Not to Take a Bar Review Course / Law School Military Ban OK'd / Summer Hiring - 2/3 / Columbia's Allan Farnsworth Dies - 1/31 / Gay Law Prof Sues / Law Clerk Hiring - 1/25

Big Donor Regrets Law School Gift / Law School 'Loses Blacks as Its Ranking Climbs' / 'Billable Hour' Truth / New Ohio Dean / Women Sentenced in Law School Fraud / HLS to Offer J.D./Ph.D. / More Boalt - 1/24  

Berkeley Officials Deny LA Times Story
- 1/20 / Boalt Dean Tries to Rip Out UCLA Prof's Heart / KU Dean to Step Down - 1/19 / Boalt Is a 'Great Public Law School' / Law School Tuition Hikes / Law School Grad Allegedly Pimps - 1/17 / Penn State Wins; Dickinson 'Is Doomed' / Law School Grad 'Not Fit to Be an Attorney' - 1/15

UT Receives $2M Gift / Law Student Makes Terror Threats / A 2-Year Law School / Dissent Cites Law Prof Blog / Admissions Dean Dies - 1/14

Penn Prof Named Vanderbilt Dean / New Penn State - Dickinson Plan - 1/11 / Law Prof Duped by Nigerian Scam / In re Anonymous Lawyer / New Bar Exam Subject? / Law Dean Slams AG Nominee - 1/8 / Law Students: Bad Career Counseling - 1/5 / Dean Says Boalt Must Go Private to Become Competitive / About NY Lawyers / Former Cornell, Duke Deans Urge SCt Term Limits - 1/3

Affirmative Action 'Hurts' Black Law Students / A Christian Prof Speaks - 1/2 / Law-School-Shooting Lawsuits Settle / Law School to Answer Christian Lawsuit / Private Law Schools Fear Public Law School - 12/30 / Law School May Move to Florida / Kicked Out of Law School - 12/28 / Associate Bonuses / Anonymous Lawyer / Legal Career Magic - 12/27 / Some Lawyers Must Retake Bar Exam / 'How Race Preferences Harm Black Law Students' - 12/24

California Pass Rates by School
For all candidates, ABA-Accredited Schools:
1 Stanford 90.5% (86/95)  2 Boalt 85.5% (213/249)  3 UCLA 84.7% (244/288) 4 Hastings 75% (301/400)  5 USC 74.9% (155/207) 6 UC Davis 70.7% (133/188)  7 USD 65.2% (182/279)  8 Pepperdine 61.4% (105/171)  9 Santa Clara 58.8% (161/274)  10 Loyola 58.4% (240/411) 11 USF 58.3% (123/211)  12 McGeorge 57.9% (165/285)  13 Chapman 55.7% (59/106)  14 S'western 47.3% (123/260)  15 Cal Western 41.9% (75/179) 16 Thomas Jefferson 30.6% (48/157)  17 Western State 29.5% (49/166)  18 Golden Gate 29.3% (56/191)  19 Whittier 27.5% (63/229)
State-Accredited-Only Schools: 
La Verne 31.3% (10/32)  San Joaquin 26.9% (14/52)
Correspondence Schools:

Concord 38.5% (10/26)  Oak Brook 27.8% (5/18)

Full California Bar Exam Stats
- 12/23

Law Briefs: Special-Interest Law Schools / Luring Law Students / UMass Approves Public Law School / Old LSU Law School - 12/22 / 9th Circuit OKs Law School's Use of Race in Admissions - 12/20

Passing Score on NY Bar Exam to Increase, Despite Wide Opposition / Dean Blasts Harvard LS / Affirmative Refraction v. Affirmative Action / SNESL Update
- 12/16

Lawyer Scammed Law School / Law School Business Courses / More About Proposed Law School / Testy to Head Seattle - 12/15 / San Diego Dean to Resign / NY Bonuses Top CA Bonuses / Tax Resources for Law Students / Law Profs Assess Sodomy Conviction Reversal - 12/13  

Law School Recommended for ABA Approval / Touro, Albany Up; NYLS Down; Syracuse, Cardozo 'Nosedive' on NY Bar Exam / 7-Year Chart of NYBE Pass Rates by School / Law Prof Gets 'Icy Welcome' - 12/10

Licensing Lawyers Is 'a Protection Racket' / Bar Examiners Expand Laptop Use / Michigan May Drop Residency Rule / Penn Gets $5M Gift / GW to Offer Bachelor's/JD Combo - 12/9 

HLS: Help Wanted / Law School Approval Delayed / Law School Proposal 'Is Florida Swampland' / Managing Law School Debt - 12/8 / California May Toughen MPRE / Bar Head: 'Ease PA Bar Exam Rules' / Law Schools 'Should Put Patriotism First' - 12/7

Anonymous Law Prof
/ New Law Blog--En Passant / Law Prof. John Edwards? / Spotlight on UCLAW / Military Suffering at Law Schools
- 12/6 / New Texas Law School? / Law Schools v. Pentagon - 12/3 / 21-Year-Old Law School Dean / Harvard Law to Bar Military - 12/1

Law Schools Fear Drop in US News Rankings / Moot Court News / Law Dean to Head U of Rochester / S&C Raises Associates' Bonuses / Law Schools Win Solomon Appeal / 3 More States Admit Some Attorneys Without Bar Exam - 11/29

Stanford Dean v. Larry Tribe / Harvard & Plagiarism / Alum Says, 'Boycott Harvard Law School' / Japanese Petition for Higher Bar Exam Pass Rate / Law School Merger in Trouble - 11/25

NYU's Kim Barry Dies / Moot Court / California Pass Rate Drops to 18-Year Low of 48.2% / Law Schools and Religion - 11/22 / Dickinson Rejects Dickinson / Falwell's Law School / Law Prof 100 / Law Prof Hit by Truck - 11/21

California Bar Exam Results / NY Bar Exam Pass Rate Drops to 67.5% / Brilliant Law Blog / Text of Law Prof's Race Study / Law Students Seek Admissions Role / Kill the MPRE? / Houston Law Prof Sings Sodomy Song / Scalia Tells Law Students: 'Get Over It' / Grad Sues Law School for Fraud - 11/19

Conservative Law Prof Update / Are Law Reviews 'Rubbish'? / NLJ 250 Law Firms / More on UCLA Law Prof's Race Study - 11/16 / Ole Miss at 150 / Law School 'Racial Disparities' / 'Improving' the Bar Exam - 11/12 / Law Schools Are 'Not Bad for Democracy' / Law Students and Racial Preferences / Proposed Law School Is 'Ludicrous' / This Won't Be on the MBE / Law Student Tax Challenge - 11/11

Just Say 'No' to US News / The Case for UMass Law School / Impact on Law Students of Tuition Increases - 11/9 / Affirmative Action Hurts Black Law Students? / Fighting the NY Bar Exam / The Character Committee Hurdle / WNEC Critic - 11/5

Law Schools 'Are Bad for Democracy' / Lexis-Google 'Truce' - 11/3 / Elon School of Law! / Lend-a-Lawyer? / Shortage of Associates - 10/29 / Associates' Perks / Summer Associates Survey - 10/28 / Law School: 'Save the Breasts' / Prof: NYU's Dworkin's Views Are 'Implausible, Badly Argued for, and Largely Without Philosophical Merit' - 10/26

Summer 2004 Bar Exam Results: AL / AK / AZ / AR / CA / CO / CT / DE / DC / FL / GA / HI / ID / IL / IN / IA / KS / KY / LA / ME / MD / MA / MI / MN / MS / MO / MT / NE / NV / NH / NJ / NM / NY / NC / ND / OH / OK / OR / PA / RI / SC / SD / TN / TX / UT / VT / VA / WA / WV / WI / WY Results are added as they become available.

'Scrappy' SNESL Is 'Emerging' / Scalia to Visit at UMich L.S. / First National Law School Chess Tourney / AALS 'Meat Market' - 10/25 / Christian Group Sues Hastings / Indian Law Added to Bar Exam / Race, Ethnicity Added as L.S. Admissions Criteria / Florida Toughens Bar Exam / Law Review? / Firms Up Associates' Pay / Guide to 'Flyout Week' / SCt Clerkships / Elon Advances / Apres Law School - 10/22


Dersh Says, 'Sue' / A Call Girl's Dilemma / Former Law Dean Marries Former Law Student / Associate Stung - 10/19 / Moot Court / Contract 'Lawyers'? / Will Penn State Compete With Dickinson? / Japanese Law School Apps Plunge / Michigan 'Lost Its Super Elite Status' / Brilliant Law Blog / Skip Law School? - 10/18 / Penn Law's Islam Project / Talk Like a Lawyer / DU Renamed / Sex Harassment? / Yale Protest - 10/14

US News Ranking for Sale? / Law Grad Denied Bar Admission / 'Accreditation of Internet Law Schools' / 'Path to Partnership' - 10/12 / No Loving Lawyers! / Cornell LS Releases US Code as Dataset / UMass Law School? / Concord Email - 10/8

'Bad for UVA, Good for Duke' / Martial Law at Vermont LS / Law Prof 100 / Law School Needs $1M - 10/7 / Law Student Challenges Law Prof / Law Firm Bonuses / US News Rankings Are 'Without Merit' / Liberal Plagiarism? - 10/6 / Dean Says Boalt Needs $300M 'to Achieve World-Class Status' / AmLaw's Best Firms / Law School 'Infected WithSextonism' / Federal Court to Hear Bar Exam Appeal  

Why a Stanford Law Grad Allegedly Worked as a Call Girl / Tulane Beats LSU / Scalia & Orgies / NY Bar Exam Backlash - 10/2 / Reno Law School? - 9/30 / Phony Law School - 9/28

NY to Raise Passing Bar Exam Score / Harvard's Tribe Accused of Plagiarism / Tribe Apologizes / Harvard Plagiarism Blog / 'Plagiarism' by Harvard's Ogletree and Other Law Profs / A 'Dangerous' Law School / About Ogletree's 'Plagiarism' - 9/27 / Lawyer-Presidents / High-Tech Tech / Online Law School 'Delisted' / Stanford Law Grads 'Empathize' With Classmate's Alleged Prostitution / Law School Advice - 9/25

What Happened to Female Law School Grads? - 9/22 / DU Receives $20M Gift / Malfunction at Georgetown / More Law School Rankings - 9/20 / Stanford Law Grad Is Allegedly a Prostitute / Her Websites - 9/19

Former Cornell Law Dean Dies;
Lee Teitelbaum Taught at Utah
- 9/23

Penn State, Dickinson May Divorce / Georgia Names White Dean / Penn Law Students Protest - 9/17 / UT Law Prof v. UH Law Student / UCLAW Prof v. UT Law Prof / No Need to Take the California Bar Exam? / Law School Hosts Program Critical of Caucasians / Cooley Leads in Minorities - 9/16 / First-Year Advice / Harvard Prof Admits Lifting Passage - 9/10 / Law Schools 'Thrive' / Top Law Schools for Hispanics: 1 Texas  2 Miami  3 Florida  4 St. Mary's / Sex and the Law Office - 9/8

Northwestern Insults Its 'Stupid, Recent Grads' / Santa Clara Is 'Inching Up' / Whistle-Blowing 101?
- 9/6 / Law Student Jailed / Law Students Worked in a 'Writ Mill' - 9/4 / Former Dean Sues Law School, After Suicide Attempt / Faculty May Challenge Appointment of Conservative Law Prof - 9/2 / Baylor 'on the Rise' / Cornell to Resume Pre-Law Program - 9/1

Law Student Sues Law School
/ The Vanishing Internet Law School /
Law School Trains 'Champions for Christ' - 8/30 / Law Student Arrested for Bank Robbery / Duke: 'Rankings? What, Me Worry?' - 8/29 / Hot New Law School Courses / Conservative Law Prof Wins / La Verne to Seek Accreditation Again / Hypocrisy at Northwestern? / Stanford Gets $43.5M Gift / CUNY Orientation / Downsizing Law School Interviews - 8/27

The 'Myth' of Left-Wing Harvard Law School - 8/25 / Practice Law -- Then Pass the Bar Exam / Law Prof 'Is in a Class by Himself' - 8/23 / Hard Times Are Good Times for Law Schools / After the Bar Exam / Law School Move Aborted / First-Year Associate Pay Spikes / USNews: Top Universities - 8/20 / Lawyers Who Play Hardball, at Softball - 8/18  

UC Enjoined From Raising Law School Fees / Law School Will Be 'as Far to the Right as Harvard Is to the Left' / Former Dean Dies - 8/17

Law Schools That Protest Too Much - 8/16 / Dickinson Rejects Penn State 'Proposal' - 8/14 / Penn State Issues Ultimatum / Wharton to Train Lawyers - 8/13

The 'Myth' of Reverse Discrimination in Law School Admissions / Harvard to Exchange Law Students - 8/12 / How Law 'Should Be Taught' - 8/11 / 2 Law Schools Win Provisional ABA Approval - 8/10  

New Law School Opening /
The Law Prof 100 / Students 'Conned' by California Law School / 'Paycheck Bonanza' for Associates / MSU to Offer Tribal Law - 8/9 / The State Where Most Lawyers Never Passed the Bar Exam! - 8/7

Case Law Profs Influence Saddam's Trial - 8/5 / Law School Tuition Refund Claims Upheld - 8/4 / Free Bar Exam Tutoring / Law Firm Rankings - 8/2

19-Year-Old Harvard Law Grad / Dean Says Law School Proposal Is Worth More Than $200 Million / Cornell Launches Public Interest Program - 7/31

Texas Law Prof Indicted - 7/29 / Harvard 'Snubs' African Official - 7/26 / Forget the Rule Against Perpetuities. FREE BEER!! / Learning Tax Law 'Is Like Eating Spinach' - 7/23

So You Wanna Be a Law Prof? / Law School 'Stunned' by Its Possible Demise - 7/22 / Law School 'Gift' May Destroy Her Legal Career - 7/21 / Law Prof's Blog Is a 'Must-Read' / Many Boalt Profs 'Ought to Resign' - 7/19

Colorado Law School Building Approved / Lexis-Nexis Buys Controversial Personal Data Company / Law Prof to Give Dem Keynote / Law School Is 'More Survival Than Education' - 7/14

Lawyer TV Show App / Law Schools Big on Domestic Violence - 7/9 / Charleston Law School Approved / Masters in Biotech Law - 7/8

Law Student Drops Out. Ha! Ha! / 'Pressure Mounts' on Lexis-Nexis Parent / 'Your Tuition Loan Is Forgiven!' - 7/7 / Good News on the Law-Job Front - 7/5 / 3 APA Law Deans / 'A Good Year for UCLAW' - 7/2  

The Law Prof 100 / Conservative Prof Says Law School Is Biased / Be a Summer Partner, Not a Summer Associate / Law Review Uproar - 6/30 / Big Bucks at BigLaw / The Am Law 100 / Gay Tax Prof Outs Tax Code - 6/29

10 Questions for Dean Kenneth Starr
/ 'Here Comes the Judge' / Why Law Profs 'Easily' Win Tenure / The New Computerized Patent Bar Exam / Dean 'Forced Out by Term Limit'
- 6/24

Tim Heinsz, 56, Former Dean 
At Missouri-Columbia, Dies
- 7/3

'Embarrassing Year' for the Harvard Law Review / Bar Exam Fees May Help Pay Law School Tuition / 'Jaw-Dropping' Associate Bonuses / New East Coast Law School? - 6/22

'A Brutal Year for NYU' / The Law Prof 100 / NYU Prof. Michael H. Schill to Head UCLAW / David M. Schizer, 35, Named Columbia Dean / Bar Says ASU Grad Should Be Denied Bar Admission - 6/21

UCLA #1; Western State, Chapman 
Beat USC on Feb.
'04 CA Bar Exam
First-time takers, from ABA-Accredited CA Schools:
1 UCLA 79% (11/14);  2 Pepperdine 70% (7/10);  3 Boalt 67% (10/15);  4 Cal Western 61% (49/80);  5 Stanford 60% (3/5);  5 USF 60% (9/15);  7 Loyola 57% (20/35);  7 McGeorge 57% (13/23);  9 USD 55% (18/33);  10 S'western 52% (14/27);  11 Thomas Jefferson 49% (18/37);  12 Chapman 45% (9/20);  13 Santa Clara 42% (13/31);  14 Western State 39% (15/38);  15 USC 38% (3/8);  16 Hastings 36% (8/22);  17 Whittier 24% (6/25);  18 Golden Gate 23% (7/30);  19 UC Davis 0% (0/3) 
Full Statistics - 6/30

First-time takers, from CA-Accredited Schools:
JFK 32% (6/19); Santa Barbara 46% (6/13); Trinity 0% (0/15); La Verne 67% (8/12); West LA 27% (4/15); Ventura 33% (4/12)  --  First-timer takers, CA Correspondence Schools (Not ABA-Accredited): Oak Brook 73% (8/11); Concord 43% (6/14)

N.Y. Bar Exam Problems / Bar Exam Trial
- 6/20 / Mistake on the Bar Exam / BU: 'Send Money to Help Our US News Ranking' / 'Ignorant Law Profs' / Lexis-Nexis 'Is Under Attack' - 6/18

400 Law Profs Propose Impeaching Bush / Moot Court News / Harvard Law Fellow Shuts Down 3,000 Blogs - 6/17 / A Two-Campus Law School? / 'Slam Dunk Law School' / Wanted: Legal Superstars - 6/14

Duke Changes Law-School Grading / Court Denies Law Student's Claim / 'Dershowitz Is Not a Scholar' / California Job Market Improves / Law Firm Fracas - 6/10 / More Bad News About Summer Hiring / 300 Law Profs Protest U.S. Role in Iraq / Jack Bogdanski's Law Prof Hunks - 6/8

How Concord Law School Recruits / New Pre-Law Prep - 6/7 / 2 Law Schools Win Provisional ABA Accreditation - 6/5 / Phoenix Law School Update / Archbishop, Clergy Protest as Seton Hall L.S. Honors Trump's Pro-Choice Sister / Lexis-Nexis Parent Allows Free Web Access - 6/3

Summer Associate Trends / Law Students 'Can Carry Guns' - 6/1 / The Law Prof 100 / Archibald Cox, Harvard Law Prof, Watergate Prosecutor, Dies / Sam Dash, Georgetown Law Prof, Watergate Counsel, Dies - 5/30

'The Same as the Odds of a Boalt Student Flunking Out' / UMKC Rejects Move / British Legal Humor - 5/27 / Boalt Prof's Rejoinder - 5/26 / Western State Drops ABA Lawsuit, Loses Accreditation (for Now?) / Quinnipiac Grad Fights Bar Admission Denial - 5/25 / Boalt Prof Denounced - 5/23 / Confidential Biglaw Email / He Passed the Bar, on the 48th Try / 38% Pass the PR Bar Exam - 5/21

California Pass Rate Drops to 35.3%
- 5/24 (to be updated) /  News Release

Bar Exam Rescoring Denied - 5/20 / 'It's Not Unusual to Take the Bar Exam 20-Plus Times' / Maybe She Took the Wrong Bar Review Course - 5/19 / Dean Explains UNLV's Pass Rate - 5/17

Law School Reform Down Under / Law School Rankings & the Oakland A's - 5/19 / Law School Barbie / Law School Looks a Gift Horse in the Mouth / Who Will Be 'The Partner'? - 5/14

NYU's Kramer Named Stanford Dean - 5/12 / Faculty Member Says U of Te - 5/11 / Law School, Law Prof Sued by Law Student for Sodomy - 5/6

Law Prof Hunk & Babe Contest / Threat of the Law School Tax Lobby / Decision Postponed on New N.C. Law School - 5/11

Cornell Law Prof. Sarah Betsy Fuller Dies at 58 - 5/10 / Former Law School Dean Fights to Avoid Life in Prison / Topless Law Prof / PA OKs Multistate Practice / UGA's Larry Blount, 53, Dies - 5/6

Baylor (Again) Tops on Texas Bar Exam / Harvard Race Blogging - 5/5 / Howard Prof Likely Wayne State Dean / Bush Sr. Praises Valparaiso - 5/3

Winter 2004 New York Bar Exam Results 
Only 45.49% Pass
- 5/6

GW Dean Named Utah President / CU OKs New Law School / Columbia Students to Film 'Brown' - 4/30

USNews '2005' Law School Rankings
2004 Law School Commencement Speakers 
Winter 2004 Bar Exam Results 
- Continually Updated

Cincinnati's Socratic Method / More on Dickinson - 4/29 / Ronald Reagan Law School? / Law Schools Copy B Schools - 4/28 / Law School Turf War / Harvard Changes First-Year Studies - 4/27

No 'Humorless Drudges' at William Mitchell
Vanderbilt Dean to Step Down / 'Law School Rejects' / OU Grads All Pass the Bar / Catholic Students Fight for Gay Group - 4/26

Winter 2004 Bar Exam Results: AL / AK / AZ / AR / CA / CO / CT / DE / DC / FL / GA / HI / ID / IL / IN / IA / KS / KY / LA / ME / MD / MA / MI / MN / MS / MO / MT / NE / NV / NH / NJ / NM / NY / NC / ND / OH / OK / OR / PA / RI / SC / SD / TN / TX / UT / VT / VA / WA / WV / WI / WY Results are added as they become available.

Seton Hall Reconsiders Sandra Day O'Connor Award / NY Bar Exam Is 'Good for Business' / Law School Acknowledges Ties to Slavery / 81-Year-Old 1L - 4/21

Hofstra's Ranking Jumps - 4/20 / 30% of Texas Grads Don't Practice Law - 4/19 / Mississippi's Mason Dies - 4/18 / Campbell #1 on the N.C. Bar Exam / MSU-DCL Is Now 'MSU' / UMKC 'Is Still Segregated' / Deans Love, Hate USNews - 4/16

Changes on the Patent Bar Exam / Catholic Group Protests Seton Hall Honoring Trump's Sister / Vermont Names New Dean - 4/16 / Job Prospects for Current Law Students - 4/14 / FSU's Florida Pass Rate Drops / Texas Wesleyan to Expand / Revocation of Law School Acceptance OK'd - 4/13 / Penn State v. Dickinson - 4/11

The 'Whitest Law Schools' / B.U. Dean to Step Down / Stanford Hires NYU Prof / California Waives Bar Exam to Allow Limited Practice by Qualified Out-of-State Attorneys / Law Job Outlook 'Bleak' / Roger Williams to Drop Night Division - 4/09

Rutgers-Camden OKs Major Expansion / Bar Exam Gridlock? - 4/08 / Kenneth Starr Named Dean of Pepperdine - 4/06 / Drake Dean to Head Florida Coastal / Raful to Replace Glickstein as Touro Dean / Another Yale L.S. Bomb Scare - 4/05 / Charleston L.S. Update / Big Plans for Ranking at ASU / Missouri L.S. Mulls Relocation - 4/04

ABA Again Rejects Western State - 4/2 / Pace Names New Dean - 4/01 / Cooley Sues ABA / Wisconsin Gets $7M Gift / NYBE Laptop Update / 68 New Law Schools Opening in Japan - 3/30 / Stanford Steals Boalt Prof / Florida L.S. Awaits ABA Decision - 3/29

In re MPRE / More Criminal Charges Filed Against Former Law School Dean / Aleinikoff Named Georgetown Dean / Columbia, CUNY Offer Child Care - 3/26

Loyola-N.O. to Respond to ABA Pressure - 3/25 / California 'to Predict' Some Bar Exam Scores / Law School Dean Demands Reparations for Slavery / Phoenix International School of Law? - 3/23

Florida Law Profs Fear Loss of Independence / Law Prof Wants Law School Apology for Slavery / Concord Student: 'Lecture Teaches Old Law' / Yale Law School Ends Master's Degree - 3/20

UConn Prof Named Iowa Dean / Tangent, Secant, Cosine, Sine, 3.14159 -- Go Mooters! / Dean's Proposed Alternative to the NY Bar Exam / MSU-DCL Update / Law School Vets Back Military / LSAT Ruling Appealed - 3/19

Sandra Day O'Connor: 'Lawyers Are Unhappy People' / Marquette Law Profs: 'Go Easier on Spammers' / Law Students to Ensure Poll Access / MSU-DCL or MSU? / Cons Also Get Free Lexis-Nexis - 3/17

Army: 'We Were Wrong to Question Texas Law Students' / A Law School Dean's Blog - 3/15 / Marilyn Yarbrough, UNC Prof, Former Tennessee Dean, Dies - 3/11 / New NC Law School? / Indian Tribe Gives UCLA $4M / LSAT Apps Surge / St. Mary's Dean v. Hispanic Students - 3/10

Moot Court News / CA Baby Bar Exam Results / Canadian Law School Tuition Soars / Colorado Law School 'Is First-Rate' - 3/6 / Duke Steals USC's Chemerinsky / UConn Students Reject 'Doctrinal Faculty' / Foreign Law Students 'Thwarted' - 3/4

Westlaw, Lexis Seek Exclusive Ownership of Facts - 3/3 / B.U.'s Dean & the Fundraising 'Debacle' - 3/2 / New Phoenix Law School? / Appalachian Guilty Plea - 3/1 / 'Chaos' at the Bar Exam / Former Chicago Dean Norval Morris Dies / Oregon Law Students, Profs Protest Illinois Mascot / Former Dickinson Dean Michael Navin Dies - 2/27

Scalia's Law School Conflict? / Scalia's Response (3/1) / More Law School Grads Leave the Law / Featured at the OC at Boalt (Totally Awesome!) / Cleveland State to Downsize - 2/26  

Worthen to Head BYU / PA Bar Tough on Foreign Lawyers - 2/25 / Resnick Named Hofstra Interim Dean / Memphis Law School May Move / Dickerson Named Stetson Dean - 2/19 / Two Dickinson Law Schools? / Those Conservative Yalies! / Thomas Jefferson Hosts Scalia & Ginsburg - 2/18

To Get ABA Accreditation,
Schools Hire ABA Officials
Law schools seeking ABA accreditation are hiring ABA accrediting officials as dean. Conflicts of interest? Chicago Tribune
- 2/15

Army Agent Questions Texas Law Students / NALP: Change Legal Recruiting / Cornell Death-Penalty Study Released / Western State 'Not Optimistic' About Accreditation - 2/15 / Bork to Join U. of Richmond - 2/13 / Law School Enrollments Increase / White Applicants Appeal Washington Admissions Denial - 2/12  

Bar Exam Alternatives Debated

A national symposium to discuss a partial or total elimination of state bar exams was held at Georgia State College of Law. Story
- 2/3

ABA Withdraws Western State Accreditation Denial - 2/9 / Ever Wonder How They Spend Your Bar Exam Fees? / Federal Judge Gives Western State Hope in ABA Lawsuit / Asian-American Law Students Protest Dewey Ballantine Memo - 2/7  

Extra LSAT Time Granted / Justice Kennedy Dedicates USF Center / UConn Libe Repair to Cost Taxpayers $10M / Duke's Jerome M. Culp Jr. Dies / Western State Wins Temporary Ruling in ABA Lawsuit - 2/5 / AU's Burton D. Wechsler Dies - 2/4 / Brits Launch 'Uncoachable' Law School Admissions Test / CUNY Battles Low Pass Rate / NY Post: 'Improve CUNY or Close It Down' - 2/3

Out-of-Staters Flock to UNLV / Law Schools Explore Distance LearningElite Law Schools' Reputations (JD2B) / Fordham Prof Named St. John's Dean / Yalies Help Legal Malpractice Claimants - 1/30

More About West Group Outsourcing Legal Work to India / Pitt Gets $4M Gift - 1/25 / DU Gaining on CU - 1/24New Mercer Dean Drops Lawsuit Against Texas Tech / Syracuse Senior Sues for More LSAT Time / Ph.D. or J.D.? - 1/22

Cardozo Helps Resolve Bar Exam Conflict / Western State Sues ABA Over Denial of Accreditation - 1/20 / West Group Employees 'Terrified' Over Asia Outsourcing / Dickinson Update - 1/18 / Probe Sought in Denial of Western State Accreditation / Cardozo's Boot Camp / Appalachian Law School Sued - 1/16 / Law Latin, Law French & Law Yiddish? / 'Killer Nanny' OK'd to Practice Law / Seton Hall Probed for 'Reverse Discrimination' - 1/14

California Pass Rates by School
For all candidates:
1 Stanford 88.5%  2 Boalt 86.0%  3 UCLA 85.9%  4 USC 78.2%  5 USD 75.8%  6 UC Davis 74.9%  7 Hastings 73.5%  8 Loyola 63.7%  9 Pepperdine 61.4%  10 Santa Clara 61.3%  11 USF 60.1%  12 McGeorge 58.8%  13 Cal Western 56.0%  14 S'western 50.1%  15 Chapman 47.9%  16 Thomas Jefferson 36.3%  17 Western State 27.8%  18 Whittier 27.1%  19 Golden Gate 26.4%
Not ABA-Accredited: 
LaVerne 24.4%, Concord 20%, Taft 15.4%, West LA 12.5%

For only first-time takers:
1 Stanford 92%  2 Boalt 91%  3 UCLA 89%  4 USD 83%  5 UC Davis / USC 81%  7 Hastings 78%  8 Loyola / McGeorge / Pepperdine 70%  11 Cal Western / Santa Clara 69%  13 USF 65% 14 S'western 58%  15 Chapman 57%  16 T Jefferson / Western State 46%  18 Golden Gate / Whittier 31%
Not ABA-Accredited: LaVerne 50%, Concord 25%, Taft 50%, West LA 35%

Full California Bar Exam Stats
- 12/29

Florida Law School Sold
Florida Coastal, a Jacksonville for-profit school, was sold to a venture capital firm, with ABA approval. Plans include opening law schools throughout the U.S. Story
-1/19 / Price: 'More Than $15 Million' - 1/22 / Charlotte Web? - 1/23

Stetson Opens Tampa Campus / Harvard Gay Group to File Amicus / 1 Bar Exam for 5 States? / NYU Readies New Building
- 1/12 / Cornell, Michigan, BU, BC, Emory & UConn Profs Vie for Iowa Deanship - 1/9 / The Law Firm 250

Boalt & Diversity / Roger Williams Pass Rates / Patent Bar Exam Questions / Harvard to Negotiate With Pentagon / Syracuse to Offer Law Degree in National Security / Law School May Merge With UMass / Miami Law - 1/5 / LA Times: WSU May Lose Accreditation - 12/29 

New USC Dean 'Loves the Law' - 12/28 / More Lawyers, More Law Students - 12/26 / Gonzaga Challenges ProLife Group / 'Well-Connected Law-School Deans' Celebrate $$$ Windfall - 12/24 / California Law Schools May Suffer State Budget Woes / Western State Battles to Overturn Denial of ABA Accreditation - 12/20 

NY Bar Pass Rates by School
The unofficial list of NY pass rates by school is out. Notably -- Syracuse jumped to 84% (from 70% last year), Hofstra dropped to 66% (from 79% last year), and Cardo
zo hit a school high of 88%. Chart / NYLJ - 12/19

New North Carolina Law School? / West Sued for Breach of Contract / Dickinson Dean Bars Reporter - 12/19 / Charleston Is 'Optimistic' / Concord Gets New Dean / UCLAW Study Says: Illegal Aliens Should Be Allowed to Vote / Colorado Law School Facilities Are 'Awful and Embarrassing' / 'Law School as Revenge' - 12/17

Columbia's Oscar Schachter Dies / This Law Firm Is Hiring! / A 4th Email About Concord Law School - 12/15 / Hofstra to Offer Night Program / The 'New York 100' - 12/12 / 'A Good Year for NY Firms' - 12/8 / Bar Exam: California Dreaming? - 12/7 / Boalt Students Watch TV / USC Names First African-American Dean / Law Students Network / FAMU Accused of 'Reverse Discrimination' - 12/4 / Dayton Willed $1 Million / HLS Celeb / Most Black Law Students Are Female - 12/3 / Ave Maria v. U of Michigan / Arizona Hikes Tuition by 22% - 12/1 / Texas Wants Race to Be Admissions Factor / Colorado Accreditation 'Still in Jeopardy' / Cardozo Prof Loses Tax Case / New 'Law Firm 250' Released - 11/24

Columbia Dean to Head Rice
David Leebron, dean of the Columbia Law School, has been named president of Houston's Rice University. Story
- 12/17

Teacher Denied Bar Admission
After Having Sex With Student

A former teacher who had pleaded guilty to two counts of carnal knowledge with her 14-year-old student was denied admission to the bar by the Louisiana Supreme Court. Story - 12/3

Harvard Prof to Head Boalt

Harvard Prof. Christopher Edley Jr., an African-American who oversaw affirmative action policies in the Clinton administration, has been named dean of UC Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law. Story
- 12/11

Cornell L.S. Names New Dean

Prof. Stewart J. Schwab, an authority on labor economics, has been named dean of the Cornell Law School. Story

Japan Approves 66 U.S.-Style Law Schools - 11/22 / FAMU Breaks Ground / Founder of Vermont Law School Indicted - 11/20 / In re Stanford Dorm / Tennessee Law School Backed / PA May Permit MJP - 11/18 / Brits May Require 'the LNat' for Law School / 2 Law School Recruiters Killed in Fire Near UVA - 11/16 / Yale v. Yale - 11/14

Baylor Tops (Again) on Texas Bar Exam; St. Mary's Surges / Law Schools 'Revolt' - 11/5 / NY Lawyer? Not! / Stanford's Thomas F. McBride Dies / 5 Finalists for Cornell Deanship - 11/4

California Pass Rate Drops
Pass Rate: 49.4% / Story / Bar Exam Pass List

Ave Maria #1 on Michigan Bar Exam
Ave Maria, Michigan's newest law school, beat the U. of Michigan and other area law schools on the Summer 2003 Michigan Bar Exam. Story
- 11/9

Law School Denied ABA Accreditation / Dickinson May Move to Penn State Campus -- Update -- Update / Clarence Thomas Accepts BALSA Invite to Speak Again at UGA - 11/12
Why Al Gore 'Flunked Law School' /
Silicon Valley Is 'Less Attractive' - 11/10 / South Dakota's Pass Rate Plummets - 11/8 / L Magazine's Summer Associate Survey / White to Head Golden Gate / Kaplan Telemarketers Told to 'Sell the Dream' / Judge Permits Military Challenge -- Opinion - 11/6

Bridging the Gap at LSU, Southern / Minnesota Law Schools 'Thriving' - 11/4 / Aspen v. Lexis & Westlaw / Law Firm Endows Penn Professorship / Appalachian Defendant Claims Insanity - 10/31 / Georgetown's Richard Gordon Dies - 10/29 / UNLV Near AALS Approval - 10/28

Harvard Man Named Yale Law Dean
Prof. Harold Hongju Koh, a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, and a member of the Harvard University Board of Overseers, has been named dean of the Yale Law School. Story - 11/4

Texas Tech Wins IT Moot Court / John Hart Ely, Former Stanford Dean, Dies at 64; Miami Prof Taught at Harvard, Yale  - 10/27 / 4 Vie for Boalt Deanship / Edley Championed - 10/24 / In re Sushi / Sushi - 10/22 / NYU v. Edgar Allan Poe - 10/19 / Colorado Building in Doubt, Jeopardizing Accreditation - 10/17 / Colorado Update - 10/29

Summer 2003 Bar Exam Results: AL / AK / AZ / AR / CA / CO / CT / DE / DC / FL / GA / HI / ID / IL / IN / IA / KS / KY / LA / ME / MD / MA / MI / MN / MS / MO / MT / NE / NV / NH / NJ / NM / NY / NC / ND / OH / OK / OR / PA / RI / SC / SD / TN / TX / UT / VT / VA / WA / WV / WI / WY Results are added as they become available.

'Lessons Not Learned in Law School' / Sullivan to Resign Stanford Deanship - 10/15 / Appalachian Indictment / Yale Profs to Sue U.S. - 10/13 Et Tu, Stanford? - 10/14 / NYLS May Relocate - 10/11 / Harvard Won't  - 10/23 / Yalies Camouflage Law School in Protest - 10/10  / St. John's, NYLS 'Get Windfall' / FSU Prof Offered UND Deanship - 10/9U of Miami Hires Janet Reno - 10/8 / 2 Vermont Law Students Killed in Crash UGA to Review Dean's Spending / UGA Update - 10/7

How to Get Into Law School
The Wall Street Journal has released a study on the best colleges to attend to get into a top law school or other graduate program. Story
- 9/28  

Law Schools, Gays, & the Military / Liberty L.S. Plans Opening / Law Firm Attrition Rates - 10/5 / Stetson Prof Accused of Sexual Harassment / Yale Dean: 'Our War, Our Duty' / Penn Profs, Students Sue U.S. Defense Dep't / UCLA Gets $4M for 'Sexual Orientation Law' - 10/2

American Lawyer's 2003 Associate Survey Student/Prof Romance, After Boalt Scandal - 10/1 'Making Partner Is Winning a Pie-Eating Contest Where the Prize Is More Pie'  /  Work Trumps Mom's Funeral? - 9/30  

Kaplan Execs Share $138 Million; Test Prep Company Valued at $2.5 BillionHarold Koh Likely Yale Dean - 9/29Law Prof Formally Disbarred / Law School Killings Recounted / NYU & the NYSE - 9/26 Michigan Vote: No on Affirmative Action - 9/23 / Court Voids Bar Exam Ban on Foreigners / She Says She Wants a Revolution / Arthur Kinoy, Former Rutgers-Newark Prof, Dies - 9/20 

Baylor Rated #1 in Texas
The Texas Lawyer has released its annual law-student ratings of Texas law schools, and Baylor scored the highest, followed by SMU. Story  -9/12  U of Texas 2L: "We have a few classes with brilliant legal scholars who can't teach worth a damn. I wish the school would refocus its priorities on students, not its US News rankings." 

Harvard Plans Reunion for Gay, Transgender, Bisexual Grads / Officials Challenge UConn Plan / Opinion
- 9/19 / Harvard Apps Up / Maybe It's the Free Coffee
- 9/18  

Emory Official Sues Emory Prof
The Director of Operations at Emory Law School has sued Prof. David Garrow, accusing him of assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, false imprisonment, and defamation. The complaint says that Garrow, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his biography of Martin Luther King Jr., dislikes blacks and women. Story - 9/26

Sweating the Bar Results
- 9/17 / New Law School Raids USC Faculty / New N.C. Law School? - 9/16 NJ Suspends 'Office-in-State' Requirement  /  UConn Plans Tribal Law Center - 9/15The Law School of Windows & Gates - 9/12

Colorado Fights Accreditation Threat
The U of Colorado will double tuition over the next three years to construct a new building and hire full-time faculty, in response to the ABA's threat to withdraw accreditation from the Boulder law school. Story - 9/9 / Prior Story 

Law Schools Sue to Bar Military

A society comprised of 900 law professors and a group of law schools that refuse to disclose their identities publicly are suing to keep military recruiters off campus because of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," according to The NY Times. / BC, Rutgers Law Students Sue - 9/20

Grad Can Sue Bar Examiners

A Detroit College of Law graduate who says he was denied admission to the Michigan Bar because he offended a judge has won the right to sue officials of the Michigan Bar and the Michigan Board of Law Examiners. Story - 9/17

Hard Times for Public Interest Law / Henry Grether, Former Nebraska Dean, Dies
- 9/12 / Wisconsin Students Free Man Convicted of Attacking Female Jogger / U of Detroit Plans $100 Million Expansion / Cooley Breaks Ground for Grand Rapids Campus
- 9/11

'Top School for Hispanics'--Texas
The U of Texas was named by Hispanic Business as the nation's top law school for Hispanic students.  2 Miami.  3 New Mexico.  4 St. Mary's.  5 Arizona. The Top 25 Law Schools - 9/4 

Bar Applicant Denied Admission for Lying About Cuban Cigars
- 9/9 / UNLV 'Is Hot' / Accused 'Law School Killer' Ruled Fit for Trial - 9/8 / The Selling of a Florida Law School / South Carolina's Second Law School Approved / Law School Libraries 'Go Digital' - 9/4  

Law Briefs: Vermont Dean to Step Down  /  ASU May Relocate Law School  /  Yale to Get New Dean / Columbia Adjunct Killed in IraqDenver's New Law School Building a 'Winner' / Yale Law School Bomber Still at Large - 9/2

St. Thomas Wins ABA Approval
The University of St. Thomas School of Law, the Catholic-faith-based Minneapolis institution that opened in 2001 after closing in 1933, has won provisional accreditation by the American Bar Association. ABA Press Release / UST Law / Western State & ABA Letters on WSU Accreditation - 8/13 / ABA Status of UDC

Charleston Law School 'Able to Open Next Year'  / Cornell Dean Search Advances  - 9/1 / Harvard Sues Estate to Get Alum's Money / New Look for Texas WesleyanLaw School Offers Valet Parking / Indian Law on Washington Bar Exam? - 8/26 Georgia Law School Battles Prof  / Cornell, Columbia, US Presidency? - 8/22 NY Power Chief 'Failed Bar Exam 7 Times' - 8/20 /  'Law School Is Hot'Hillary the Law Student -  8/19  

California OKs Bar Change
California will allow many out-of-state attorneys to practice law in California without having to take the California Bar Exam or even the state's Attorney Exam. Story - 7/30 CA Bar Exam Info

'Practicing Law Is Drudgery' - 8/21 / Raising the NY Bar  / Killer Graduates ASU, Passes Bar, Seeks Admission - 8/12Bar Exam Will Overlap Jewish Holiday / Hofstra Awards Scholarships for Gay Advocacy - 8/11 / Abrams Named Interim Dean at UCLA - 8/4 Kansas Law School Folds - 8/1Baylor Promotes Public Service - 8/1 / AP Says Law Prof Pay Plunges - 7/22  

Liberals v. the Federalist Society
Liberal lawyers have organized to challenge the growing influence of conservative law students and the Federalist Society. Story - 7/30

Grads Face Tough Job Market 
Based on a survey of last year's grads, NALP reports that fewer law school graduates (surprise!) are finding employment. Story - 8/1

A Second Concord Law School Email
- 7/20 / And a Third Email - 7/23 / Controversies at UGA - 7/13 / Time to 'Decontrol' Law Schools? - 7/8 / St. Thomas's Schiltz in re Sex Abuse by the Clergy / Few Law Schools See Change From Supreme Ct. Ruling  - 7/5 / Louisiana Can Ban Foreign Bar-Exam Candidates - 7/4 / Akron Publishes Its Law Students' GPAs - 7/3 / UCLA Dean to Resign  / Japan Changes Its Law Schools, Bar Exam
- 7/1 

Calif. Bans Faculty-Student Dating
Story - 7/20 

Hillary Failed the D.C. Bar Exam
-  6/29 / ABA Cites Alcohol and Drug Abuse by Law Profs and Law Students - 6/27 Email About the Dean of Tulsa College of Law / Michigan Nominates Evan Caminker as Dean / UDC Denied Full ABA Accreditation - 6/24

No Need to Take the NY Bar Exam?
The NYS Bar Assoc. formally endorsed "multi-jurisdictional practice," by which lawyers admitted in other states will be able to practice in New York without having to sit for (and pass) the NY Bar Exam. Story / NY Bar Exam Info - 6/24

Suit Says Lexis-Nexis Parent Sold Personal Data
- 6/24 / NY Law School Prof Gets Jail Term / An Embarrassing Email - And Apology - 6/23Florida Bar Exam Results Revised; Passing Score Changed - 6/19 / Catholic U. Upset by Law Dean's  Departure
- 6/18 / Pornography and the Law Professor - 6/16 / Texas Tech Sued for Free Speech Policy - 6/13  

Florida Law Schools in Trouble?
Florida's law schools are sitting on a competitive timebomb with the opening of two new schools. "[S]everal factors could kill at least one of Florida's 10 law schools in the next few years," quotes Story - 5/30
The Florida Winter Bar Exam results have been "temporarily removed for additional review." The pass list is being "modified." - 6/2 Florida Bar Exam 

Colorado Accreditation Jeopardized
The ABA accreditation of the U of Colorado School of Law is in jeopardy for multiple problems. CU is currently ranked 40 by USNews and 36 by the Law School 100. Story - 5/25

Buying Bar Review Notes  -- All States

Summer '03, Winter '03, or Summer '02 -- Click Here Offers $5K Reward is offering a reward of $5,000 to the first person providing info leading to the indictment and conviction of the individual who has been sabotaging the website by posting large quantities of racist and otherwise offensive comments. 

S.Ct. Upholds Affirmative Action
Michigan Law School Admissions Approved;
U of Michigan Undergraduate Policy Rejected

5-4, 6-3 Rulings -- Story /  - 6/23

Donald J. Dunn to Head La Verne - 6/8 Arizona Pass Rate Drops Again / Yale's Burke Marshall Dies / John Marshall Serves Spam / Kansas Law School May Close / Golden Gate School of Law Sued Over Minority Scholarships  / 74 Japanese Law Schools to Open / Catholic's Kmiec Resigns Deanship / British vs. American Legal Education - 6/2

Calif. Says 'No' to Student-Prof Sex
he U of California's Academic Senate has voted to prohibit professors from having "sexual liaisons with students they oversee or could oversee in the future." Final approval by the state's Board of Regents is expected in July. Story - 5/29 / Update - 5/30

Texas Rejects Non-ABA Law Schools
The Texas Senate has rejected a measure that would have let graduates of unaccredited law schools take the Texas Bar Exam. Story - 5/29Texas Bar Exam Info 

Law Prof Dies in Apparent Suicide
The U of Washington law school community has been stunned by the death of Prof. Joan Fitzpatrick in what officials believe to have been a suicide. Story - 5/25

Concord Says 6 of 10 Passed
Concord, the online law school owned and run by Kaplan, Inc., put out a press release saying that six of its first 10 graduates passed this winter's California bar exam. / Email About Concord - 5/25 / Story - 6/3

The California pass rate for all first-time takers this winter was 50.2%. From California ABA-approved law schools, the pass rate for first-time takers was 57%. From non-California ABA law schools, the pass rate for first-time takers was 49%. The pass rate for all takers, including repeaters (whose pass rate is always much lower), the state pass rate was 37.3%, higher than last year's 33.4%, but equal to the 2001 pass rate. - 5/27 / California Bar Exam Info

Bomb Explodes at Yale L.S.

A bomb exploded at Yale Law School, "sending students scrambling for safety." No one was reported injured. Story - 5/21 / Suspect / Protecting Yale's Image - 5/23 
Law Student Taken Into Custody - 5/25

NY & CA Bar Exam Results
The Feb. 2003 NY and California Bar Exam results are available now. NY Bar Exam / California Bar Exam

Multistate Bar Exam Misgraded
One question on the multiple-choice Multistate Bar Exam was misgraded this winter, and many law school grads who were told they had passed have instead failed. Story - 5/7 Mass. Says: 'Disregard' Prior Results - 5/9  /  NJ to 'Recalculate' Results - 5/11 /  Bar Examiners  /  'Dozens' Affected - 5/13 /  Quote: "If we discover some people who were told they passed actually failed, they can retake the bar exam in July at no extra cost."
Some May Practice in California Without Taking Bar Exam
- 5/14 / California Bar Exam 
Texas May Let Online Grads Take Texas Bar Exam - 5/14 / Texas Regrades Bar Exam - 5/15

UGA Profs: Clarence Thomas 'Unworthy'
Eleven U of Georgia law profs, along with 50 UGA students, say that Associate Justice Clarence Thomas is "unworthy" to be the law school's commencement speaker. Story - 5/8 / Editorial - 5/15 / Commencement - 5/19

Law Briefs: Harvard Wins $10 Million Grant
- 5/21 Getches Named Colorado Dean / Summer Associate Special - 5/15  / 93 Law Profs Back Same-Sex Benefits - 5/14  NY Law Schools to Receive $1.2 MillionStetson Dean W. Gary Vause Dies - 5/11 / Bromberger to Head Loyola - New Orleans / AZ Students Face Big Fee Hikes - 5/8California Winter 2003 Bar Results  / Law Grad Challenges Michigan Bar Admissions Procedure  / Cincinnati Law School Faces Perceived Decline  - 5/6 / 'I was wait-listed because...' 1 2 3 - 5/1  

CUNY Honors Alleged Terror Abettor
Students at CUNY, the only public law school in New York City and downstate NY, honored an attorney accused of aiding terrorism, despite the dean's objection. NYLawyer - 5/2NYTimes - 4/25 /  World Socialist Website Dean Feared CUNY Could Be Closed - 5/7

NYLS to Offer LL.M. in Tax
Manhattan's New York Law School will offer a Master of Laws degree in taxation, joining NYU as the only two New York City schools offering tax LL.M.'s. Story - 5/8

Law Prof Sues Texas Tech
Prof. Daisy Hurst Floyd has sued Lubbock's Texas Tech, alleging disparagement of women and racial discrimination. Story - 5/2

Law Briefs:  Gonzaga Stunned by Rankings Drop - 4/29 / How to Pass Your Finals - 5/2  / Indian Law at Syracuse - 4/25 / NYU Tells 1L to Take Down Website Linked to 'Cybererotica'
- 4/24

Law Briefs: 
Law Prof Admits to 'Kiddy Porn'  Newsday  NY Post - 4/16 / Prof Disbarred - 4/17 / New Texas Law School? - 4/15 / Butterworth to Head St. Thomas - 4/24 / Texas Wesleyan 'Not for Sale' / Alumni: USC Is Falling Behind Other Southern Law Schools - 4/15 / The Lawsuit (from JD2B)

The 'Truth About Class Rank'
Where you went to law school and how well you did are key to your future, as "demystified" by an LA search firm's annual report on the nation's top 50 law schools. Report (PDF) - 4/25

Law Profs to Vote on Dating Ban
University of California law professors are scheduled to vote on whether faculty-student dating and/or sex should be permitted. Story - 4/19

Summer Programs Slashed
Most major New York firms have reduced the number of law students offered positions as summer associates by 20-50%. NYLawyer - 4/21

More Law Briefs: Florida Dean Arrested for DUI / Florida Class on Ebay / Iowa's Hines to Resign DeanshipAnother South Carolina Law School? ASU Downtown?
-4/11Deregulate Legal Education? - 4/5 / John Marshall Names New Dean - 3/13

NY Bar Exam Debate Continues
Everyone seems to oppose the proposal by the NY State Board of Law Examiners to increase the score needed to pass the New York Bar Exam. NY Times / NY Bar Exam Info - 4/13

U.S. News Rankings Are Out
Cornell is up, Boalt is down. George Mason climbs, Chapman debuts in third tier. U of Washington slides.
U.S. News Rankings
- 4/2 / Error Claimed / Mea Culpa / / Law School 100 / mad tea-party 
US News: 1 Yale, 2 Stanford, 3 Harvard, 4 Columbia, 5 NYU, 6 Chicago, 7 Michigan, 7 Penn, 9 UVA, 10 Cornell, 10 Boalt

Elena Kagan Named Harvard Dean
Elena Kagan, a former aide in the Clinton White House and a Harvard prof since 1999, has been named to head the Cambridge law school. A 1986 HLS grad, she will be the first female dean in the school's 186-year history. Story / Release - 4/3

Rosenblatt to Head Mississippi College
Col. James H. Rosenblatt, a Cornell Law School grad (and classmate of the editor of has been named dean of the Mississippi College School of Law, in Jackson, Miss. Story / School  - 4/9

Surprise: Law Profs Are Liberal
"What do you call a Democrat in a tweed jacket?" ask Northwestern Prof. John O. McGinnis and Columbia student Matthew Schwartz in the Wall Street Journal. Answer: A law professor. Article - 4/1

Leiter's Law School Rankings Out

U of Texas law prof Brian Leiter's ranking of US law schools, based on faculty quality in voting by 150 scholars, has been released. EQR / / Law School 100 - 3/26 / Critique (JD2B) / Reply -3/28

Florida Toughens Its Bar Exam 
The passing score on the Florida bar exam will be raised from 131 to 133 on the July 2003 exam and to 136 thereafter. Details - 3/26 / Florida Bar Exam 

Grad's Prostitution Arrest OK
The Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that a graduate of the U of Louisville's law school can become an attorney, despite an arrest on a prostitution charge, which was later dismissed. Story - 3/22

Law Briefs: A 'Leap of Faith' for Ave Maria - 4/4 NY Nears Approval on Tuition Relief Program / In re 'Lavender Law' Confab - 4/2 PA Students Face Tougher Job Market  Harvard May Expand - 3/31 / Two Universities Weigh New No. Carolina Law School - 3/30

Law Briefs:  Bellacosa to Resign St. John's Deanship / NY Students to Back Affirmative Action - 3/28 / David Walker Named Drake Dean / Lauren K. Robel to Head Indiana - Bloomington / Donald Polden Named Santa Clara Dean
- 3/26 / Harvard Dean Search 'A Mystery' / Harvard Students: 'Racial Profiling Is Okay' / Slabach to Head Texas Wesleyan - 3/19 / Former B.C. Dean Soifer Named Hawaii Law Dean / At Law School's End / PA Candidates May Take Bar Exam Essays by Computer - 3/14 /  Harvard Students Want 'Affirmative Action Dean' - 3/12

GMU Accepts $1M NRA Gift
Virginia's George Mason University, a rapidly rising law school, has accepted a pledged gift of $1,000,000 from the National Rifle Association to establish a professorship in Constitutional Law and (of course) the Second Amendment. Story - 3/11

Another Boalt Dean Story
Headlined 'Professor of Desire,' a National Law Journal commentary by Stanford Prof. Deborah L. Rhode discusses legal aspects and risks of relations between law profs and students. NLJ - 3/5

Alfini Named South Texas Dean

Prof. James J. Alfini, the former dean of Northern Illinois College of Law, has been named dean of Houston's South Texas College of Law. Release - 2/28 / Moot Court Win - 3/1

Fla. Coastal Dean to Head Barry
J. Richard Hurt, the former #2 ABA accreditation official who guided Florida Coastal to ABA accreditation, has left the Florida Coastal deanship for the deanship of Orlando, Florida's Barry U School of Law, which is seeking full ABA accreditation. Story - 2/28

Law Briefs:  Law Prof Says AU Wants to 'Kick Him Off Faculty'  / John Siliciano Named Interim Cornell Dean / BYU Women 'Feel Stereotyped' / Evaluating Summer Associate ProgramsThe Growing Importance of the LSAT - 3/10 / Online Law School Seeks Respectability - 3/4 / Law School Tuition May Double in Arizona - 3/1 / LSAC Advice for Bisexual and Transgendered Prelaw Students  -2/26

UVA Student-Prof Suit Settled
A lawsuit by a University of Virginia law student against UVA Law Prof. Kenneth Abraham for "offensive touching" in a pre-law torts class has been settled, with the terms not disclosed. JD2B link (PDF) - 2/26

Harvard Law Prof, Students 
Begin Reparations Battle

Harvard Law Prof. Charles Ogletree, with the support of many Harvard law students, has commenced a lawsuit as part of the objective of winning reparations for Black Americans for the repercussions of slavery. Story - 2/25

Schools Debate Prof Dating

Law schools are undecided on policies regulating dating between law professors and their students. Story - 2/22

CUNY to Toughen Admissions

CUNY, the only public law school in New York City, will toughen its admissions standards, after the school's pass rate dropped from 74% to 50%. Story - 2/17 / NY Post: CUNY's Last Chance? - 2/19

Law School Grades 'Are Arbitrary'

We always knew it, but now a study says that law school grades are not only "arbitrary" but also "discriminatory" and are designed for the benefit of future employers. Story - 2/15

Law Briefs:  14,000 Law Students Back Affirmative Action - 2/26 / Surviving the Bar Exam - 2/25 UC Students Angered Over Fee Hikes / LSAC Wins Battle to Build 85,000-sq-ft Edifice / LSAC Wins Battle to Build 85,000-sq-ft Edifice - 2/23 / David Logan Named Roger Williams Dean - 2/20 / Georgia Bar: Too Bad, You Failed! - 2/19 / Inside the Florida Bar Exam - 2/17More Opposition Voiced to Raising NY Bar Exam Pass Scores - 2/14Boalt Prof. Emeritus David Feller Dies / CA Law Students Blast Bush Over Iraq - 2/13 / West Group Sued for Racial Discrimination - 2/1

Deans Back Clerk Hiring Plan
The American Law Deans Association has endorsed the plan by which law clerk hiring for the 2004-05 term will be done during the Fall of 2003. Link / Plan - 2/18

Jerry Named Florida Dean
U of Missouri-Columbia Prof. Robert Jerry has been named dean of the U of Florida's Levin College of Law. Story - 2/9

UNLV Wins Full Accreditation 

UNLV's William S. Boyd School of Law has been awarded the coveted full accreditation by the ABA. Press Release / Early Story - 2/10

Louis B. Schwartz Dies

Louis B. Schwartz, the U. of Pennsylvania law professor who helped draft the Model Penal Code and helped change the penal codes of many states, died in San Francisco. He was 89. Story - 2/9

Want to Be a Law School Dean?
Many law schools -- including Harvard, Cornell, Boalt, and Michigan -- are searching for new deans, and the qualifications are changing. Story - 2/5

NY Bar Enters Bar Exam Debate

The House of Delegates of the NY State Bar Association has challenged the recommendation of the State Board of Law Examiners to increase the passing score on the NY Bar Exam. Story - 1/29  [See related stories lower on this page] Update - 1/31

Prof/Student Dating Ban Weighed

The University of California is considering a proposal officially prohibiting professors from dating, or otherwise having romantic relations with, their students. Story - 1/17 / Update - 1/26

At Rutgers, Anyone Can Be Black
Rutgers-Newark School of Law practices creative affirmative action by allowing any applicant to check the box to receive the racial benefit on admissions. Story - 1.13

Law Briefs: Cooley Applications Surge / Kansas Law School May Close - 2/5Rodney A. Smolla to Head U of Richmond L.S. - 2/1 / 'Why I Went to Law School' / Donald Dunn Named La Verne Dean / Hamline Gets Indian Law Gift - 1/31Joseph Kearney to Head Marquette L.S. - 1/29Peter Alexander Named Southern Illinois Dean - 1/28D.C. Law School Expected to Get ABA Accreditation - 1/25  

Kiddie Porn Techies Sue NYLS
The two technicians who found child pornography on the computer of a New York Law School professor and were then fired have sued the school for $15 million. Story - 1.10

Law Briefs:  Harvard Deanship Candidate Says 'No'Bar Exam Fee May Double in Maryland  /  New Jersey Grads Face Tough Job Market  - 1/26The Best and Worst LSAT Sites - 1/24 / Nashville Won't Merge - 1/24 / Corporate Counsel Can Waive Virginia Bar Exam - 1/23 / Beeping During the LSAT? - 1/22 / Law School Admissions Gets More Competitive  - 1/17 Regent Law Student Charged With Internet Sex Crime - 1/14  

Harvard Gets $3M for Indian Law
The Oneida Nation has given $3 million to Harvard Law School to create a professorship in American Indian law. Story - 1/22

Law Briefs:    Confessions of a Law School Admissions Officer - 1/14 Stanford Launches Islamic Law Course - 1/14 U of Texas Alumni Named Most Marketable Grads in Texas - 1/10 / Dyslexic Bar-Exam Candidate Settles With New York - 1/8Jon Garon Named Hamline Dean - 1/8  

Online Grads 'Face High Hurdles'

Graduates of Concord Law School, the online program offered by Kaplan, Inc., "face uncertain prospects and high hurdles" because of lack of ABA accreditation, according to the National Law Journal, yet the school will add 650 students next year. - 1/7

GA Bar Exam to Be Waived

Georgia has joined a growing number of states permitting thousands of attorneys admitted in other states to be admitted to the bar on motion, without sitting for a bar exam, thus saving many law school grads millions of dollars for bar review courses. Details  - 12/20 /  New Jersey / California / New York / New Jersey - 2 / New York - 2 / California - 2  / California - 3

Cornell, NYU Tops on Bar Exam
Cornell and NYU had the highest pass rates of NY schools on the July 2002 New York Bar Exam. First-time takers at both schools passed at 97%. Other NY schools: Columbia 94; Fordham 89; Cardozo, St. John's 83; Brooklyn 80; Hofstra 79; Albany 77; Buffalo 73; NYLS 72; Pace 71; Syracuse 70; Touro 58; CUNY 50. Chart - 12/19  / Law Journal - 12/20

Law Briefs:  Law Profs vs. Computers - 1/2 / Law Firm Bonus Chart - 12/28 / Ranking the Law Firms - 12/27 / Why Law School Is So Ridiculously Expensive   /  Stetson Prof Blasts Stetson's 'Lack of Diversity' - 12/23

LSAC May 'End Run' US News
The Law School Admissions Council may deny law schools their LSAT information, thus depriving US News of a key factor in its law school rankings. Wall Street Journal - 12/17 / US News / Law School 100

Law Schools:
Go Low Bono

Law schools are urging their grads to "start small and think local," according to The New York Times. - 12/16

BU Prof: Enron Lawyers Knew
Prof. Susan Koniak, who teaches ethics at Boston University School of Law, says Vinson & Elkins and Andrews & Kurth "had to have a bag over their head not to see that there was something fishy going on here. ... [What Enron did] is a blatant sign of possible fraud." Business Week - 12/16

Michigan Dean to Head Cornell
Jeffrey Lehman, dean of the University of Michigan Law School, was named President of Cornell University. Lehman, 46, will be the first Cornell alum to head the Ivy League school. StoryCornell Daily Sun - 12/14 / New York Times - 12/16  

Grading Change Opposed
By All NY Law School Deans

A change in the grading of the New York Bar Exam (See story on this page) has been opposed in writing by all 15 New York State law school deans. This change, proposed by the NYS Board of Law Examiners,  is unrelated to the radical format change proposed by NY's two most prestigious bar associations (See story below). Newsday - 12/11

Radical Change Proposed
For the New York Bar Exam

A formal proposal has been submitted by the NY State and NY City Bar Associations to accept public service as an alternative to the testing of blackletter law on the NY Bar Exam. If the proposal is adopted, many New York candidates would no longer have to pay more than $2,000 each for a bar review course. Story - 12/6

Cooley to Open New Law School
Lansing, Michigan's Thomas M. Cooley Law School announced it will open a law school in the Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo area.  This follows the announcement by its cross-town rival Detroit College of Law (now part of Michigan State) that it is opening a campus at Grand Valley State in West Michigan. Cooley - 12/11 / DCL - 11/22

NY: Bar Exam by Computer
New York State will allow 500 applicants to use computers on the essay portion of the next bar exam. Candidates will be eligible on a first-come basis. Details - 12/8

Cornell Law Dean Resigns
Lee E. Teitelbaum, who has been dean of the Cornell Law School since 1999, said he would resign the post at the end of the academic year because of family concerns. - 12/6  Cornell Daily Sun  - 1/16

Boalt Dean Resigns; Accused
Of Sexually Assaulting Student

John P. Dwyer, who has been dean of Berkeley's Boalt Hall School of Law since 2000 and a Boalt professor since 1984, has resigned both his deanship and professorship, following accusations of sexual assault of a Boalt law student. "Everyone compares him to Clinton," one student said. Story - 11/27  Attorney Says Act Was Not Consensual - 12/02 /  Alleged Sexual Assault Detailed  /  More Details  / Even More Details  - 12/03 /  Official Statement  /  Lawyer: 'It Was a Molestation of the Most Gross Type'  / Policy Evaluation - 12/4 Prof Says Press Is Wrong - 12/5 / Interim Dean Choice Near - 12/6 / About Dwyer -12/8 / Boalt Book / Scandal Echoes - 12/9 'Uncle Zeb' Named Boalt Interim Dean - 12/12

NY Post: 'Close CUNY'
The New York Post, in an editorial, urges New York State to close CUNY, New York City's only public law school, after the school's bar exam pass rate dropped to 50%. Story - 12/8

NY, CA Pass Rates Drop Again
Pass rates on the NY Bar Exam dropped to 67.53% for all candidates (6,546 passed; 3,147 failed), and to 76.48% for first-time takers (6,108 passed; 1,878 failed). California's pass rate dropped to 50.5% for all candidates. Anxiety / California - 11/24 / NY Post Says CUNY Pass Rate Fell From 74% in 2000 to 50% in 2002 - 12/3

Pass rates have dropped in many states since West Group shut down West Bar Review, the nation's second largest bar review course, in 1997. West has since purchased Bar/bri, the nation's largest course, after closing its major competitor. 

Law Briefs: Notre Dame Says 'No' to NYU Boyd Nears Full ABA Accreditation - 12/12 Yale Law Prof: No to Reparations - 12/11 / Catholic Dean May Get U.S. Appellate Post - 12/10 /  Most Law Students Can't Afford to Take Public Interest Jobs - 12/7Atkinson Named Arkansas Dean - 12/4 /  In re VIP Job Interviews - 12/02 Gators Win Civil Trial Competition - 11/27 / Hot New Book: 'Law School Insider' 

BC Profs Blast JAG Recruiting 
Boston College law profs have challenged Dean John H. Garvey's defense of military recruiting and have unanimously criticized the military for "bullying its way" onto the Newton campus, according to the Boston Globe. - 12/5

S. Ct. to Hear Mich. Race Case
The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to review the practice by which the U of Michigan Law School uses race in its admission of law students. Story - 12/02 / / Bakke 
Update - 1/15

Eugene Rostow Dies at 89

Eugene Rostow, dean of the Yale Law School from 1955 to 1965 and a foreign-policy adviser to Republican and Democratic Presidents, died of congestive heart failure.  He was 89. Story - 11/25

Lexis Parent Fights Free Websites

The parent of Lexis-Nexis is fighting the free websites offered by the U.S. Government, arguing that free websites unfairly compete with the right of Lexis-Nexis to sell the same information at a profit. Story - 11/18

Law Students 'Drowning in Debt'

The average debt for a graduating law student is now more than $84,000, causing many grads to flock to higher-paying private-sector jobs. Story - 11/18

Parent of Barbri and Westlaw
Accused of Espionage, Theft

The Thomson Corp., the Canadian parent of Barbri and other bar review courses, West Group, and Westlaw, has been sued for corporate espionage, and charged with "predatory practices," deceit, theft of confidential financial information, and breaking into password-protected websites.  CCBN  Forbes - 9/10  The Complaint 
Class Action Filed Against West - 10/12

Barbri itself had previously been accused of cybersquatting, false advertising, patent infringement, trademark infringement, FTC violations, and various violations of antitrust law.

Texas Bar Pass Rate Drops
The pass rate on the Texas bar exam has dropped from 85.45% to 80.94% for first-time takers, with the pass rate for all candidates at 73.5%.  Baylor again had the highest state pass rate. Texas Lawyer - 11/14

Clark to Resign Harvard Deanship
Robert C. Clark, who has been dean of the Harvard Law School since 1989, said he will resign the deanship and return to teaching after a sabbatical. Globe  - 11/25

Harvard May Limit Free Speech
Harvard Law School may implement a speech code prohibiting the use of harassing or offensive language in the classroom, with offending students and professors subject to punishment. Harvard already has a "difficult conversations skills" workshop for first-year students. Boston Globe - 11/19

Emory Law Prof Suspended

Story - 10/23 [See stories below]

NALP Alters Response Deadlines
The National Association for Law Placement (NALP) has changed the length of time an offer from certain types of employers should remain open for law student acceptance. Release - 11/6

Law Briefs:  West Virginia May Get Second Law School - 11/11 UNLV's Boyd Law School Is Recommended for Full ABA Accreditation - 11/2

Law Prof: Texas Tech Discriminates
Texas Tech Law Prof. Daisy Floyd has accused the Lubbock university and its president of discriminatory acts. Story - 11/14  Bias Denied - 11/22

New Law School to Battle ACLU
Liberty Law School, a religious school affiliated with the Rev. Jerry Falwell, is expected to open next year so that its graduates can fight the "anti-religious zealots" at the ACLU. Story - 10/22

More Law Schools End Military Ban
More and more law schools are allowing military recruiters on campus, while some schools, such as Golden Gate, Vermont, and William Mitchell, are maintaining their principles and denying access. Boston Globe
  - 11/12

Texas Wesleyan May Be Sold 
Ft. Worth's Texas Wesleyan School of Law may be sold to University of North Texas in Denton. A relatively new law school, Texas Wesleyan has had one of the highest pass rates on the difficult Texas bar exam. Story  - 10/30

Schmoke to Head Howard

Kurt Schmoke, the former mayor of Baltimore, has been named dean of Washington, D.C.'s Howard School of Law. Story  - 10/16 / Schmoke's Problems - 10/26

WashU OKs Pro-Life Group
Amid controversy, the SBA at Washington University School of Law has relented and agreed to recognize a pro-life student organization. NLJ - 10/23

Law Briefs: NYS Bar Association to Consider City Bar Proposal to Increase NY Bar Exam Difficulty - 11/01  Prof. Candace Zierdt has been named interim dean at the U of N. Dakota, while the school seeks a replacement for W. Jeremy Davis who will become dean of Virginia's Appalachian School of Law.  - 11/04

Law Briefs:  ACLU Defends Harvard Law Student - 11/01 /  Florida Students, Firms Adjust to Recruiting Changes - 10/30 /  Law Students Say Howrey Simon's 'Reality Bites' - 10/7 / Yale Law Allows Military Recruiters - 10/2  Chronicled Life at Harvard and Stanford Reviewed - 10/5  Tulane Law Clinic Thrives, Despite Adversity - 10/8

Georgetown: 'You Have One Hour
To Accept Your Tuition Discount'

Georgetown Law Center is offering discounts on tuition -- and giving at least one prospective student a one-hour deadline to accept, according to The Washington Post. - 10/14

Vermont Says No; USC, Harvard
Say Yes to Military Recruiters

Bowing under financial pressure, many law schools, including Harvard and USC, are permitting military recruitment on campus, despite voiced objections, while Vermont Law School continues to say "No." Story - 10/13

Male Law Prof Wins $1.2 Million
For School's 'Sexual Harassment'
Prof. Stephen Root has won a settlement of $1,200,000 from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in a suit against the San Diego school and a female law prof for sexual harassment in denying him tenure after the professors' "friendship cooled." Story - 10/4

Emory Law Prof Arrested
Emory Law School Prof. David J. Garrow, a Pulitzer Prize winner, was arrested and released after he was charged with physically abusing the law school's director of operations. Story - 10/1
Prior Incident Disclosed - 10/7 / Update - 10/17

Law Briefs: Law Student Wins $8.5 Million for Testicle 'the Size of an Orange' - 9/8  / U of Maryland Enrollments Jump as Law School Is Wired - 9/20  / Georgia State Is on a Roll - 9/20  / John Marshall Prof: We Don't Need Cyberlaws - 9/20  Harvard to Study Labor and Worklife Issues  - 9/18  Pitt to Offer Disability Program - 9/18  /  Future Harvard Law Student Named Miss America - 9/21

NYU Prof: Tyco CEO Conduct OK
NYU Law School Prof. Marcel Kahan is quoted in the NY Daily News as saying, "It doesn't appear these people did anything wrong. [Tyco CEO] Kozlowski was highly respected at the time. What were they supposed to do? Go to the board and ask for an affidavit saying their bonuses were legitimate?" Kozlowski and other execs are accused of stealing hundreds of millions of dollars from the company. - 9/18  Forbes on Tyco /  8-K Filing With the SEC

ABA Votes to Allow Admission
Without Taking the Bar Exam

Attorneys will no longer have to take the bar exam to practice outside their home states, based on a rule just adopted by the American Bar Association.  More than 8,000 law school graduates are expected to save a total of more than $16 million a year in bar review tuition. NJLJ - 8/25

Slate: 'Don't Go to Law School'
Dahlia Lithwick explains in Slate Magazine why most law-school applicants should NOT go to law school. Slate - 8/15 / Why Lawyers Are Unhappy - 9/14

Harvard, Columbia LL.M. Tops
The American Universities Admission Program has rated Harvard and Columbia as the top two LL.M. programs, followed by Cornell and Penn tied for third. Yale was rated 7th, UCLA 9th, and Boalt 12th. Story - 8/23

Law Briefs: Duke to Challenge Copyright Laws - 9/5 / Virtual Law Degrees Are 'Virtually Tough' - 8/29Law School Has an Expensive Failure Rate - 8/29  Criticism - 8/30 FAMU Reopens - 8/19  British Law Student Sues His Law School and Wins / BBC Reaction - 8/1 /  Kiddy Porn Prof at NYLS - 8/17 / Pot Activist Sues U of Florida - 8/17

Radical Change Proposed
For the New York Bar Exam

The NY State Bar Association and the Association of the Bar of the City of NY will call for a radical alternative to the NY Bar Exam. Instead of studying for the bar exam and memorizing blackletter law, law school grads could spend 10-12 weeks working in the court system. NYLJ - 7/8

Bar Exam at Issue in AG Race

The candidates for Florida Attorney General are debating how many times each failed the Florida bar exam, and its importance in the voters' choice. Florida's exam, which may be increased in difficulty, is a hard exam to take, but an easy exam to pass. Story - 9/8

Chapman, Fla. Coastal, Ave Maria 
Win Coveted ABA Accreditation
California's Chapman School of Law and Florida Coastal School of Law have won ABA approval, while Michigan's Ave Maria School of Law has won provisional approval. Florida Coastal is the first "for-profit" school to gain accreditation. Chapman - 8/12  LATimes  - 8/13  Florida  - 8/14

Houston's Rapoport Plays to Win

Nancy Rapoport, dean of the U of Houston Law Center, is on a hot streak as she builds a powerhouse law school. Meanwhile, the U of Texas has stolen profs from NYU and elsewhere. Story - 7/31

Texas Southern Law Prof Fired
Texas Southern U.'s Thurgood Marshall School of Law has fired Alvin Chambliss Jr., a law prof who represents plaintiffs opposed to a $503 million college desegregation settlement. Story - 8/30

HLS Details Saudi Censorship
A study by Harvard Law School indicates the extensive degree to which the Saudi Arabian government blocks Internet access to its citizens. NYTimes / Report / 72 Censored Sites - 8/29

ABA Cites VT Environmental Law
Vermont Law School has been honored by the American Bar Association for the school's environmental law programs. ABA - 7/30

2 Charged in Quinnipiac Murder
Two brothers, Farid and Farhad Popal, have been arraigned in NYC for the 1999 killing of Quinnipiac law student Samiya Haqiqi. - 8/7

Failed Applicant Sues Law School
An 80-year-old retiree, who has been applying to law school for more than 10 years, is appealing a federal court ruling in his suit against CUNY L.S. Story - 8/6

'Share and Share Alike' in NYC
Up to 20 Columbia law students and 20 NYU law students will be able to take courses at the other's law school under a pilot program announced today. - 7/31

Law School Applications Surge
Getting into law school has gotten more difficult as applications have soared by almost 18%, the greatest increase in more than 20 years. Story - 7/25

Deans:  Stanley Talcott will resign the deanship of Orlando's Barry LS. /  W. Jeremy Davis will resign as dean of the U of No. Dakota S of L. He is expected to become dean of Virginia's Appalachian S of L. /  William M. Treanor has been appointed dean of Fordham LS.  /  Thomas C. Arthur has been named dean of the Emory S of L. /  Tom Guernsey, dean of Southern Illinois, has been named dean of Albany LS. /  Donald Burnett, former dean of the U of Louisville LS., will be dean of the U of Idaho S of L. /  Alex Johnson, a vice provost at UVA, has been named dean at the U of Minnesota LS.

N.J. May Permit Motion Admission,
Ending Need to 'Take 2 Bar Exams'

The New Jersey Supreme Court will recommend that attorneys admitted elsewhere be admitted to N.J. on motion, without having to take the N.J. bar exam.  Many NY and Pa. candidates have taken the NJ exam as an add-on to the NY or Pa. exam. NJ Law Journal - 6/06

Blacks Are 730 Times More Likely
To Be Admitted to UVA Law School

Black students are 730 times more likely to be admitted to the U of Virginia School of Law than are equally qualified white students. Similar preferences exist at William & Mary. Story / Editorial / Study
- 5/1 / Va. AG Tells UVA, Wm & Mary to End Policy Richmond Times-Dispatch - 5/4

Harvard Prof Blasts Harvard Prof
Harvard Prof. Martin Kilson accused Harvard Law Prof. Randall Kennedy of inciting racial tension at the law school through Kennedy's controversial book "Nigger: The Strange Career of a Troublesome Word."  Story - 7/5

Florida Rejects Barry Grads
The first 111 students to graduate from Orlando, Fla.'s Barry School of Law have been told by the state's highest court that they will not be admitted to practice; all other Barry grads are now eligible to take the Fla. bar exam. Story - 5/20  Barry Proposes Otherwise  - 5/24 / Fla. Sup.Ct. Again Rejects Barry Plea  - 7/6

US to Study UM Admissions Ruling
A panel of the U.S. House of Representatives will study the procedure by which a federal appeals court held that the Univ. of Michigan Law School can use race as a criterion in admissions. Story - 7/4

Larry Tribe: Monkeys Can Sue
Harvard Law School Prof. Laurence Tribe says that chimpanzees "certainly can be given standing" to sue, according to the Wall Street Journal. - 4/25

Texas, N.J. Pass Rates Drop
The pass rates on the Texas and New Jersey bar exams continue to drop, with New Jersey at its lowest rate in 20 years. Texas Lawyer / NJ Law Journal / Georgia Repeaters / Story - 5/21

2 Grads Sue New York L.S.
Two New York L.S. grads have sued their law school and have brought a class action against the U.S. Dept of Education claiming that the federal govt failed to forgive their student loans when they became public interest lawyers. NYLJ story - 6/14

Law Briefs:  Toledo Rewards Mediocrity - 8/6Cooley Fills DCL Void - 5/14 /  IP Is Hot -5/20 / Brooklyn Law dorm is too tall. - 5/30 / U of Maryland School of Law gets a $5 million gift. - 7/11

NY Bar Exam Pass Rate: 42.25%
The pass rate for all candidates on the Winter 2002 New York Bar Exam was 42.25%, lower than last winter's pass rate of 44%. Results
- 5/10

El Paso Fights for a Law School
A major effort is afoot in El Paso to open a law school in this Western Texas city bordering Mexico. - 5/22

U. of Michigan Race Policy Upheld
In a 5-4 decision--likely to be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court--the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today upheld the University of Michigan Law School's use of race as a factor in admissions. Story - 5/14

Law School Sues Law Student
Louisiana State Univ. L.S. has sued one of its law students for maintaining a website about LSU. NY Times. / Student Site - 5/6

Fewer Summer Associates Hired
Law firms are hiring fewer summer associates, and the  lucky associates are being spoiled as usual, according to D.C. - 1 / D.C. - 2 / Texas -1 / Texas -2 / Connecticut / Bay Area - 5/14
Law Profs Challenge Death Penalty
A group of 19 law professors has filed a brief with a novel legal theory challenging New York State's death penalty. Story - 5/6 Cornell Law School project 

Black Law Profs Boycott Thomas
All five black law professors at the U of No. Carolina School of Law refused to attend a talk at their law school by US Supreme Ct Justice Clarence Thomas, because "we did not want to lend cover to him."  Editorial - 5/6

Hot Law School: Santa Clara
Silicon Valley's Santa Clara School of Law has gone from fourth tier to second tier on the U.S. News rankings and is now #88 on the Law School 100. The Recorder - 5/2

West Parent Seeks U.S. Listing
Thomson Corp., the Canadian parent of West Group, Westlaw, Bar/bri and other bar review courses, has applied to have its common shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Thomson shares are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. - 5/2

Yalies Protest Racial Hiring
More than half the students at Yale Law School have signed a petition challenging what they say is the law school's inadequate hiring of Black and Latino faculty members. Story - 4/25

Harvard Dean Urges Unity
Harvard L.S. Dean Robert Clark has called for unity on campus following attacks on Black and Jewish law students. Story - 4/16 NY Times - 4/20  Nesson 'Steps Aside,' Harvard to Hold Classes on 'Difficult Conversations' - 4/22  Boston Globe on Nesson - 5/1

US News: Yale, Stanford, HLS
The new U.S. News rankings of U.S. law schools are: 1 Yale  2 Stanford  3 Harvard  4 Columbia  5 NYU  6 Chicago  7 Boalt/Michigan/Penn/UVA  11 Northwestern  12 Duke  13 Cornell  14 Georgetown  15 Texas. USNews Top 50 / Law School 100 - 4/2  ABA Journal / USNews Second Tier / USNews Third Tier / U.S. News Website - 2003 list - 4/4  Prof. Leiter in re U.S. News - 4/5 California Schools / D.C.-Area SchoolsEmory v. UGA / PA Schools - 4/12

Lexis-Nexis Opposes LexLaw,
Says It Owns Latin Word 'Lex'

Lexis-Nexis has filed an opposition challenging the U.S. Government's approval of the trademark LexLaw, claiming Lexis-Nexis has the exclusive right to use any law-related term containing the word "Lex," the Latin word for law. ABA Journal  -1/25  Lex Links 

West Exec Named Bar/bri Veep
Chris Eisenhardt, a West Group executive, has been named VP for Finance for the Bar/bri bar review course. Eisenhardt replaces Michael Connors, who had a similar role for more than 10 years. The announcement was made by Peter Warwick, of Thomson Legal & Regulatory, the sister company of West. Last year, Thomson purchased Bar/bri, Barpassers, and Micromash bar reviews. - 4/4

Harvard Prof: Pay Reparations

Harvard Law Prof. Charles J. Ogletree Jr. says he will file "wide-ranging reparations lawsuits" against U.S. institutions--"probably" including Harvard L.S. and Yale and Brown universities--to recover damages and show how slavery adversely affects "the opportunities of millions of black Americans." Op-Ed - 3/31 Assisting the reparation lawsuits is Prof. Robert Ward, dean of Southern New England School of Law. Story  - 4/7
Against Reparations - 4/13 

Indian Law Added to Bar Exam
American Indian law has been added to the local portion of the New Mexico bar exam. Story - 4/1

Tennessee Merger Talk Ends
The Nashville School of Law, a 91-year-old, non-ABA-accredited night school, has decided not to merge with Tennessee State U, citing its concern about the state's financial condition. Story - 4/15

Appalachian Applications Up

Applications to Appalachian School of Law, the western Virginia school at which the dean, a professor, and a student were shot to death, have increased sharply, largely because of the media coverage. Story Meanwhile, applications appear to be up across the country. Story. -4/14

Law Deans: Reform Clerkships

The American Law Deans Assoc. has voted to discourage law students from applying for clerkships until the third year of law school, and profs from providing references until the third year. About 200 federal appeals judges have agreed not to recruit 1Ls or 2Ls. - 4/11
Wash.U.: Military Discriminates
The faculty at St. Louis's Washington University School of Law voted 12-11 to help pay student loans for alums taking public sector jobs, except for alums who join the U.S. military, saying the military discriminates. After angry reactions, Dean Joel Seligman overruled the faculty. Story - 3/30

Cornell Wins Moot Court

Cornell Law School came in first among 38 law schools in the five-day Wagner Moot Court Competition, held at NY Law School. Story
- 3/16

Revesz Named NYU Dean
Prof. Richard Revesz, a specialist in environmental law and administrative law, has been named to replace John Sexton as dean of NYU Law. Revesz, 43, was born in Argentina and is a graduate of Princeton and Yale L.S. - 3/6

Cornell Tops on NY Bar Exam
With a "first-timer" pass rate of 96%, Cornell Law School edged out Columbia and Fordham for the highest pass rate in New York on the July 2001 New York Bar Exam. Story - 1/16  The NY Law Journal says NYU declined to disclose its pass rate. Story - 1/16  Pass Rates  

Harvard Prof: I Puff the Weed
Harvard L.S. Prof. Charles Nesson has described his use of LSD, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, and other drugs, occasionally before his law school classes, in an interview with the Harvard Law Record. Interview (by Owen Alterman) - 3/5

Aspen Buys Casenotes Series

Aspen Publishers, a division of Wolters Kluwer, the multi-billion-dollar publishing company, has acquired the popular Casenotes legal study aids. Aspen owns the Emanuel series and other law school materials. Release - 3/22

Mich. Dean to Head New Mexico
Suellyn Scarnecchia, the assoc. dean for clinical affairs at the U. of Michigan School of Law, has been named dean of the law school at the U. of New Mexico. Story - 3/26

McConnaughay to Head Dickinson
Philip McConnaughay, a professor at the U of Illinois College of Law, has been named dean of Penn State's Dickinson School of Law. He is a graduate of the U. of Illinois and its law school. - 3/20

Powers Resigns Enron Post

William Powers Jr., dean of the U of Texas L.S., has resigned as a director of the now-bankrupt Enron Corp., after ethicists and others accused him of a conflict of interest, which Powers has denied. The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the Austin American-Statesman and other papers have reported that Powers had extensive ties to Enron and helped solicit millions of dollars from Enron for the U of Texas and its law school. Story - 2/15 Interview - 3/28 Other stories below

Legal Briefs:  Brooklyn Law School announced plans to build a 22-story dormitory. - 4/15 - Hanna Arterian named Syracuse dean. - Laird C. Kirkpatrick named U of Oregon dean. - Brian A. Freeman, a former interim dean of Ohio's Capital L.S., dies at 61. - Merrell Bailey becomes the first Barry L.S. grad to become an attorney. 

S. Texas Affiliation Nixed Again
An affiliation of Houston's So. Texas College of Law and Texas A&M appears to have been denied a second time when the Texas S.Ct. said approval rests with a Texas board that has opposed affiliation. - 3/23

Law Profs: V&E Is Vulnerable
Several law professors say Houston law firm Vinson & Elkins may face liability for its role in representing the now-bankrupt Enron Corp., according to Forbes Magazine. - 3/14

Harvard May Leave Cambridge

Harvard Law School may leave its Cambridge, Mass., home and move across the Charles River to Allston, according to the Boston Globe. - 2/24

Hastings Sued on Tuition Rates

U.C. Hastings College of Law was sued over its residency requirement for tuition rates, in a lawsuit that could have a serious effect on other U.C. law schools. Story - 3/9

Fla. May End Race-Based Grants
Scholarships to help minority students to attend Florida law schools are expected to end as two new law schools open in the state. Story - 3/3

Emory Prof: It's Emory v. UGA
Prof. Thomas C. Arthur, a candidate for the deanship of Atlanta's Emory School of Law, said Emory is better than its rival U of Georgia, although the statistics and rankings of the two schools are similar. Story  - 2/27  Emory's Modest Endowment - 3/7

Wm. Powers' Report Denounced;
UTexas Dean Testifies on Enron
Attorneys for Enron execs have denounced the report by the committee chaired by William Powers Jr., the U of Texas L.S. dean who heads the Enron committee, sits on the Enron board of directors, has ties to Enron execs and Enron's law firm, and helped raise millions of dollars from Enron for the university and law school, according to the Wall Street Journal.  Related stories below. Powers is expected to testify before a Congressional committee this week that although the board approved Enron's improper deals and partnerships, it acted on incomplete information. -.2/2
Austin Paper: Powers Should Resign Enron Role 
Powers: 'I Have No Conflict of Interest' 
Chicago Tribune: Powers Has 'Deep Ties to Enron' 
Orlando Sentinel: Powers 'Connected to Enron' 

White Fla. State (FSU) Law Students
Dress as Black Pimps, Prostitutes
For the third year, Florida State (FSU) law students have held a party in which white students wore Afro wigs and gold chains and dressed up as black pimps and prostitutes. Story  - 1/30  Comment -2/2  Edit -2/4

Texas Dean's Ethics Challenged
William Powers Jr., dean of the U of Texas L.S., was criticized by legal ethicists for his oversight role on Enron's board of directors while accepting millions for the school and university from the now-bankrupt firm. Story - 12/24  Story - 12/25  History - 12/25  The Role of Enron's Board  - 1/20
NY Times: Questioning the Dean's Enron Duties  - 1/26

Law Schools Offer Online Info
Four law schools--Harvard, Stanford, Boalt, and the U of San Francisco--have launched a website and project to educate web users of their legal rights for various online activities. Story  -2/26

ABA Approves Barry Law School

Barry Law School, the embattled Orlando, Fla., school that has faced rejection over and over by the ABA, has finally won provisional accreditation, which is expected to mature into full accreditation. Story - 2/3 Prior stories below. Update - 2/8 Update - 2/12

Legal Briefs:  Lawrence Foster will step down as dean of Hawaii's William S. Richardson School of Law. - 2/25 Florida A&M Law School says it will open on time. - 2/2  Wash.U. to inflate law student grades. - 2/2  Law firms rank Texas law schools. - 1/29  New law school proposed for El Paso, Tex. - 1/25  Harvard prof pens 'Nigger' - 1/25  More students follow non-traditional paths to law school. - 1/22  Bradley Saxton named Quinnipiac dean. - 1/22  Seton Hall School of Law will offer a 6-year program combining a bachelor's and J.D. degree. - 1/23  A Florida Court of Appeal may move into the new building of Tampa's Stetson College of Law. - 1/20   Houston's South Texas College of Law receives a gift of $10 million. - 12/26

PLI Launches MPT Online
PLI, the nation's largest online Multistate bar review, has added the Multistate Performance Test, taught by Steve Bracci and Sara Berman-Barrett. PLI also runs the nation's largest online MPRE course, taught by Stan Chess and offered free to law students.

A Law School Teaches Morality
Minnesota's U of St. Thomas School of Law promises to train a new type of lawyer, one with a moral compass rather than a win-at-any-cost mentality. LA Times - 2/24

Fla. Tests 2 New Law Schools
While the U. of Michigan is fighting for affirmative action, Florida is opening two new law schools with largely minority enrollments as a different way to increase the number of minority attorneys. NY Times - 2/15

Miami to Drop Night Division
After half a century, the U. of Miami School of Law will drop its evening program. Story - 2/8

Hastings Wins Moot Court Final
San Francisco's Hastings College of Law took first place, with UCLA in second, from among 28 law schools competing in the Moot Court finals at the City Bar Assoc. in Manhattan. On the Hastings team were Rob Hodil, Moe Keshavarzi, and Joel Muchmore. UCLA's Celeste Drake was voted "best speaker."  - 2/6

Va. Dean, Prof, Student Slain
Stories, Updates, and Related Links 

Barry Receives $15 Million
Orlando, Fla.'s Barry School of Law has received $11 million, after receiving $4 million, in its battle for ABA accreditation. Story (See related stories below)  - 1/20
Orlando Sentinel Editorial - 1/26 Update -1/30 

Discrimination Case Dismissed
A class-action lawsuit charging the Law School Admission Council, the parent of the LSAT, with disability discrimination was dismissed when plaintiff's attorneys were unable to get the class certified. LSAC Press Release - 1/16

Hot Law School: Texas Wesleyan
With one of the highest pass rates on the Texas bar exam, Ft. Worth's Texas Wesleyan has emerged as the hot new law school. Story - 1/12

U. Illinois Dean to Head St. Thomas
Prof. Thomas Mengler, the dean of the U. of Illinois College of Law, will leave to become dean of the recently-reopened St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis. - 1/7

No Need to Take Calif. Bar Exam?
Many lawyers admitted outside California may practice law in the state without taking the difficult Calif. bar exam or the state's attorney's exam, according to a "historic" proposal released by the Calif. Supreme Court. Story - 1/9  This follows a proposal to "dumb down" the 3-day exam. Story - 12/12  Story - 12/11

ABA Rejects Barry L.S. Again
For the fourth time, the ABA has rejected Barry, the embattled Orlando, Fla., law school, in its bid for accreditation. The school had also been rejected by the ABA prior to the Barry acquisition. Story - 12/5  Dean offers resignation - 12/6  Barry student profiles - 12/7  Editorial - 12/8  Dean's resignation rejected - 12/12  Opinion - 12/16 

189 Who 'Failed' Bar Exam Passed
The results of the July 2001 N.Y. Bar Exam were revised upward when 189 law school grads who had been told they had failed were informed by overnight mail that they had instead passed. Story - 12/4  One passed, but thought he failed.  One failed, but thought he passed. Or did they?  Story - 11/30

Emory Hopeful Seeks Twofer Deal
A candidate for the deanship of Emory School of Law is seeking a tenured position for his wife, if he becomes dean. Story - 11/28  Emory faculty members are angry over the process of choosing a dean and the backgrounds of the candidates. Story - 11/15

Law Students Lose Summer Jobs
Many students at non-top-15 law schools are seeing their offers of summer jobs rescinded, according to the NY Law Journal. - 11/27

UTexas Ends Hopwood Battle
The University of Texas has ended its battle over the U.S. Supreme Court's Hopwood decision on the law school's affirmative action policies. Story - 11/27

N'western Alumni Protest Prof

Two dozen Northwestern L.S. alumni have protested a Vietnam-era radical on the faculty, after her husband reminisced about "the day I bombed the Pentagon" and said that he could not rule out planting bombs again. Story  Editorial  Book Review - 11/4  Chicago Trib - 11/6 Northwestern's Ranking - 11/26

Law Student Visas in Doubt
Visas for non-U.S. students to attend U.S. law schools are being challenged by the Bush administration. Story - 11/3

Bin Laden Family Funds Harvard
Harvard Law School has financed professorships, research, and scholarships from monies donated by the family of Osama bin Laden, according to The NY Times. Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal says Saudi Arabian leadership is distancing itself from the bin Laden family and questions the source of the family's wealth. - 10/3  WashPost - 11/7  BBC says at least two U.S.-based family members may be tied to terrorism.  Story -11/7 Mother not angry with bin Laden. Story - 12/9

Harvard Profs' Email Published
Private email sent by Harvard Law School profs to one another have been published online by Prof. Charles Nesson, and discussed in his class. Verbatim Copies / Audio of Conversation and Statements / Story - 10/23

Harvard First in 'Law School 100'
Harvard was named the best U.S. law school, followed by Stanford and Yale, in the release by LawTV of the "Law School 100," the list of the top law schools in the United States. List - Comments?

South Texas May Not Wed A&M
Houston's South Texas College of Law and Texas A&M University have been dealt a major setback by the Texas S.Ct. in their affiliation attempt. Story - 11/15

NY Pass Rate Jumps to 70%
The pass rate for the Summer 2001 N.Y. Bar Exam was 70.4%, the highest since 1997, with first-time takers passing at 79.6%.- 11/20 Pass List / Alternate Site 

Nova's Shepard Broad Dies
Shepard Broad, the legendary South Florida lawyer who financed Nova Southeastern's eponymous Shepard Broad Law Center, died at age 95. Story 1 Story 2 - 11/9

Fordham Dean Feerick to Resign
John D. Feerick, who has been dean of New York's Fordham Law School since 1982, announced he will retire as dean after this school year. -11/6  Meanwhile, Texas Tech School of Law dean W. Frank Newton said he will resign the deanship to run a foundation that provides computers to low-income students. - 11/9

Florida Law School Cuts Opposed

Black and Hispanic legislators are at odds with the Florida legislature's attempt to cut budgets at the new FIU law school in Miami and the new FAMU law school in Orlando. Story - 11/11

Lessig: 'The Death of the Internet'
Stanford Prof. Lawrence Lessig says that innovation on the Internet is being killed by AOL and other large corporations. Story - 11/10

Northeastern's Abrams to Resign
Roger Abrams, dean of Boston's Northeastern School of Law since 1998, has announced he will resign for personal reasons. Abrams was formerly dean of Rutgers-Newark. - 11/1

Utah L.S. Receives $26M Gift
The Univ. of Utah Law School has received a gift of $26 million and is renaming the school the S.J. Quinney Law School at the University of Utah. Story - 11/4

Cutthroat Harvard Now Snuggly?
Harvard and other top-tier pressure-cookers are reinventing themselves as warmer, gentler, kinder law schools, according to L Magazine. Story - 11/5

Tech Founding Dean Dies
Richard Amandes, the founding dean of Texas Tech School of Law, has died at the age of 74. Story - 10/31

Harvard's Loss Is Stanford's Gain
Lawrence Lessig, who taught at Harvard before he was lured to Stanford by Kathleen Sullivan, has kickstarted the law school's IP program and added luster to its faculty. Story - 10/17

U. of Texas to Pay $1M Fees
The U. of Texas has been ordered by a Texas federal judge to pay more than $1 million in legal fees and expenses for the plaintiffs in the Hopwood litigation, which ended the law school's racial preference in admissions. Story - 10/23

Minority Clerkships Addressed
A program to help minority law students get judicial clerkships has met with success. Story - 11/6

Nonlawyers Vie for Emory Deanship
Two of  the three finalists for the deanship of Emory Law School are not attorneys, or even law-school graduates. Story - 10/19