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To the Editor, LawSchool.com:

I find it shameful that you never report anything about the
school of law at Loyola New Orleans and instead focus
entirely on Tulane.  It's the same kind of glossing-over we
always get only this time it's really out of place.  For
example, Loyola has accommodated its students at the
University of Houston whereas Tulane did nothing for their
students for the fall semester.  Furthermore, Loyola Law
Clinic is fully operational at its satellite program in
Houston and is doing astonishing work.  Why don't you report
anything about that?  Of course the national media doesn't
even notice that Loyola University exists but our law school
was only one of two, the other being Tulane, that was thrust
from New Orleans by Katrina.  Open your eyes.  Just because
US News & World Report doesn't see fit to praise Loyola Law
for its incredible attributes doesn't mean that an open
forum like yours should do the same.

-Sonia Gupta
Loyola University New Orleans School of Law