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LSAT Cram 'Scam' Bared


October 26, 2005 -- Future law students are being fooled into forking over $1,100 for the wrong prep course by a company bearing the same name as the popular "TestMasters," a state watchdog warned yesterday.

The Consumer Protection Board has demanded a Texas company called "Test Masters" which has a space in its name refund fees to 17 students who mistakenly took its month-long LSAT preparation course at Hunter College in August. The students dropped out once they realized their mistake.

The original California-based program, which enrolls 600 to 700 New York students each year, provides multiple textbooks, 80 hours of instruction, a toll-free help line and instructors who've scored in the top 1 percent on the LSAT law-school entrance test, according to company CEO Robin Singh.

Roger Israni, president of the Texas firm, said he never misled anyone.