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Catholic U.'s Trailblazer

Saturday, April 11, 2009; A11

The Washington Post

For a publication that thinks of itself as Washington's hometown newspaper, The Post needs to be more careful about its out-of-town sources for stories affecting our local area.

You printed a story from the Baltimore Sun [Maryland Briefing, Metro, March 31] claiming that the University of Maryland School of Law's new dean, Phoebe Haddon, will be the first African American woman "to lead a top-tier law school."

Sorry, Maryland's law school is about four years too late. The Columbus School of Law of Catholic University -- in the first quartile of accredited law schools, according to the American Bar Association -- has had such a dean, Veryl V. Miles, for the past four years.

It's a shame that The Post didn't know this.

-- Harvey L. Zuckman


The writer is a professor emeritus at the Columbus School of Law at Catholic University.