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America's Most Famous NonLawyers

Paris Hilton
She went to jail, not to law school.

Former President George W. Bush
He went to business school.  Harvard Business School.  He did not go to law school or to jail.

Former President Bill Clinton
He was a lawyer until he was disbarred for five years by the Arkansas bar.
In 2001, facing disbarment by the U.S. Supreme Court, he resigned from the Supreme Court bar.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Actually, she's a lawyer now.  But she flunked the Washington, D.C., bar exam.
She was a nonlawyer until she passed the Arkansas bar exam and was admitted to the Arkansas bar.

Former President Richard M. Nixon
He's a nonlawyer because
1. He was disbarred by New York State.  
2. He was disbarred by California.  
3. He's dead.

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