For Immediate Release

DATE: December 8, 2003 CONTACT: Lesley Pena, 510-919-5267



A splash of orange has erupted at Boalt Hall. The O.C. at Boalt, an organization dedicated to following the FOX drama “The O.C.” has been winning the interest of Boalt students and has slowly become one of the most popular clubs on campus.

Every Thursday at lunch, about 30 Boalt students gather at the law school to watch their favorite show, which chronicles the lives of elite Orange County residents, including Boalt graduate Sandy Cohen.

The organization’s members, some clad in their bright orange official club t-shirts, meet with friends to discuss the show’s latest developments and predictions for upcoming episodes. The O.C. at Boalt provides popcorn for everyone attending, and many students bring their own snacks.

“"Everyone who joins the O.C. at Boalt loves it,” said John Kim, commander in chief of the O.C. at Boalt. “There's a certain camaraderie amongst the students, because it's almost as if we're the only ones who have actually figured out that it's ok to laugh and have fun at law school."

The O.C. at Boalt began after John Kim realized other students shared an interest for the program. Word spread and the group’s membership has steadily increased since the show’s inception this fall.

For more information, visit www.boalt.org/oc

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