OU law students all pass first Bar
The statewide passing rate was 83 percent for first-time test takers.

Debby Adams - Daily Staff Writer
April 26, 2004

All OU law students who took the Oklahoma Bar Exam in February for the first time passed, giving the college a rare 100 percent passage rate, said Andrew Coats, dean of the College of Law.

Ten OU students took the exam for the first time. The exam consists of one day of essay testing over Oklahoma law and another day of multiple-choice questions over multistate topics, Coats said.

Statewide, the average passing rate for those who were taking the exam for the first time was 83 percent, according to the Oklahoma Bar Association’s Web site, okbar.org. Of the 87 who took the exam, 72 passed.

Oklahoma City University’s passage rate for first-time Bar Exam takers was 72 percent, while the University of Tulsa’s passage rate was 80 percent.

For a group of students taking the exam for the first time, achieving a 100 percent passage rate is extremely rare, Coats said.

The national passage rate for the Bar in 2002 was 63 percent, according to beatthebar.com.

Such an achievement shows the quality the college has been striving for, Coats said.

“It gives our students comfort that if they stay here and do the work, they’ll pass the Bar,” Coats said. “This examination proves that our faculty has prepared them well.”

Lawrence Liggett, who passed the exam in February after graduating from the college in December, said the college prepared him best by teaching him how to prepare himself.

“I still had to do a lot of studying, but the college helped me to learn how to study and prepare for the exam,” Liggett said. “I knew what to look for.”

The passage rate for OU students repeating the exam was also significantly higher than other schools in the state at 81 percent, according to okbar.org. Of 16 who were repeating the exam, 13 passed.

OCU averaged 52 percent, and TU averaged 50 percent. The overall passage rate for 67 people repeating the exam statewide was 60 percent. Only 40 repeating the exam in the state passed.

The admission ceremony for those who passed the exam and who will be admitted to the Oklahoma Bar Association will be held at 10 a.m. Friday at the Oklahoma House of Representatives at the Capitol.