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BAR/BRI Parent Company to Employ
$7,000-a-Year Outsourced Lawyers

November 18, 2010

While BAR/BRI Bar Review is preparing thousands of law school graduates to pass the bar exam and become lawyers in the United States, BAR/BRI's parent company Thomson Reuters' West Publishing is promoting the outsourcing of legal services to India, in competition with the law grads being trained by BAR/BRI.

According to the ABA Journal, BAR/BRI's parent company is acquiring the Indian legal process outsourcing company Pangea3.

While many of the law grads being prepared by BAR/BRI are having difficulty finding jobs, "newly minted lawyers who joined [Pangea3 in 2007] earned a mere $7,000 [a year], compared to $160,000 first-year lawyers earned at major U.S. law firms," according to the Journal.

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