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Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Barkley School of Law in Paducah
To Shut Down as of December 31

PADUCAH, Ky - A dramatic development this morning in the ongoing saga of the law school in Paducah.

Word this morning that Barkley School of Law will cease operations as a licensed law school as of December 31st. The Barkley School of Law today issued a press release saying it is withdrawing its application with the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education for a license to operate a law school. Dr. Laxmaiah Manchikanti, owner of the Barkley School of Law, said,

"This decision was unavoidable since Barkley School of Law is viewed and alleged to be liable as a successor corporation to the American Justice School of Law and would be unable to overcome the mismanagement of the previous administration and the subsequent negative publicity." He says that based on these insurmountable obstacles, the Barkley School of Law has no choice but to file for bankruptcy protection. Dr. Manchikanti says he has "not given up on the potential for a quality law school in Paducah, but given the circumstances, it is not viable to continue present efforts,."

He says he believes it's worthwhile to explore all possible avenues to make a law school in western Kentucky a reality. Again, word this morning that the Barkley School of Law, Inc. will withdraw its application for license renewal and will cease operations as a licensed law school as of December 31st. The school says it will help the currently enrolled students to find other law schools to attend for the spring semester and its staff will assist in finding an organization or school to serve as a receiver of the academic records for the Barkley School of Law, and to turn over all relevant student records.