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Harvard Law School opens eyes to peeper problem
By Laurel J. Sweet
Boston Herald

February 27, 2005

     Harvard Law School students reportedly are meeting tomorrow to discuss how to deal with a disturbing spate of peeping tom sightings in women's dorm bathrooms.

     The most recent incident was in December at the Gropius Complex, according to Friday's Harvard Crimson, but female law students are using the scare as a springboard to address dorm security in general.

     Allegedly, five peepers have popped up in shower areas since the school year began last fall. Harvard police have no suspects and it's unclear how many men may be involved.

     Gropius is the only dorm where peepers have been spotted.

    "Seeing this many peeping incidents in one time is an anomaly,'' Harvard police spokesman Steven Catalano told the Crimson.

    "At this point in time the investigation is inactive until a suspect can be identified. Fortunately, we haven't had an incident in two months and we hope that that continues.''