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U.S. News Ranks
3 Law Schools Twice

September 14, 2009

Three law schools are ranked twice by U.S. News in the 2010 edition of its widely-sold book "America's Best Graduate Schools."

The three schools -- Hofstra University School of Law, Gonzaga School of Law, and the University of Maine School of Law -- are ranked in a tie for 100 and are also ranked as third-tier law schools.

On the U.S. News website, the three law schools are ranked only as tied for 100. 

U.S. News ranks 102 law schools by number.  The remaining law schools are ranked as being in the third or fourth tier.

The "Law School 100" ranks the University of Maine School of Law in the Second Tier (of two tiers).  Its current rankings ( put Hofstra at 74 and Gonzaga at 98.