University, Law School Named for Reagan Planned

DENVER, April 27 (AP) - Organizers say they have begun raising money to establish a Ronald Reagan University in Colorado.

About 200 acres near Denver has been donated for what could be an $850 million campus, said Terry Walker, the founding president of the university.

The university hopes to have 10,000 students and 2,000 faculty and staff members by 2010, Mr. Walker said on Monday. It is to be a general university with a medical school, a law school and a graduate school of public and international policy, among other disciplines.

Officials plan to admit only students with SAT scores of at least 1,400. A perfect score is 1,600. "We're going for the crème de la crème," Mr. Walker said.

The university will be financed through private donations. Mr. Walker said the project has the support of the Reagan family.

"Because he had a vision of a shining city on the hill," Mr. Walker said, referring to former President Reagan, "I want us to be on a rolling plain, looking at the Front Range." The donated land is owned by Steve Schuck, a Colorado Springs businessman.

Mr. Schuck said that while he supports the project, he is not certain of all the details. He said he loved President Reagan's legacy. "I will do anything I can to perpetuate it and memorialize it," he said.