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To: The Law School Community

From: Joel Seligman

Date: December 1, 2004

Subject: Announcement


On July 1, 2005, I will become the 10th president of the University of Rochester. I am excited about the opportunity to lead the University of Rochester during a period in which it will seek to make significant progress.

I will remain Dean here through the Spring Commencement Ceremony in late May. I am very fortunate to have been Dean of this wonderful School of Law during the past five and one half years. The School has made remarkable progress and it has been a great joy to work with you.

I am proud that I will leave an already strong School still stronger.

I will always cherish the support of Mark Wrighton, the faculty, the administrators and staff, the students and the alumni. This is a great School because of the mutual support we provide one another.

Chancellor Wrighton will meet with the faculty and the senior administrators during our December 8th faculty meeting to discuss plans for a Dean search.