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Indian law added to state bar exam

By Rapid City Journal staff
June 28, 2007

Beginning in July, law students will be required to demonstrate knowledge on the basics of American Indian law to pass the South Dakota Bar exam.

The South Dakota Supreme Court voted to adopt a rule to require the state bar exam to include on essay question about American Indian law.

The essay question will include basic principles of federal American Indian law. It will not include tribal codes or customary laws.

South Dakota is the third state in the nation to add an American Indian law question to its state bar exam. The state board of bar examiners must report back to the state Supreme Court by Jan. 1, 2009, with an evaluation of the new rule.

State Bar exam expanded to Indian law

Jun 28 2007 8:15AM
Associated Press
PIERRE, S.D. (AP) For the first time in South Dakota history, people wishing to become lawyers in the state will have to be educated on the basics of American Indian law.

A new state Supreme Court rule that goes into effect in July requires the State Bar exam to include an essay question on the relationship of Indian laws to state and federal laws.

Chief Justice David Gilbertson says an understanding of Indian law is becoming increasingly important.

The Indian law question on the Bar exam will focus on basic principles of federal Indian law including such things as civil rights, child welfare and gambling regulations.

South Dakota is the third state to add Indian Law to the Bar exam.