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Reema Bajaj Allegedly Tells Police She Gave Up Sex for Money After Passing Bar

CHICAGO – An attractive Indo-American woman who recently became a lawyer allegedly told police that she was involved in sex for money but quit after passing her bar exam.

Reema Bajaj was charged with prostitution after police say they discovered emails setting up trysts as part of an unrelated investigation.

Bajaj allegedly admitted engaging in prostitution before she obtained her law license in November, but said she gave it up after becoming a lawyer, a prosecutor tells the newspaper.

Bajaj is a law graduate of Northern Illinois University, according to her website.

News reports also indicate nude photos of Bajaj circulating among private individuals, showing Bajaj naked and post sex positions.

Bajaj posted a comment about her arrest, which reads in part: “I have been charged with prostitution. These charges are serious, and it has been a trying times for me. I have fought for the rights of my clients. Things happen for a reason, and although I do not yet know the reason this is happening to me, I am sure that one day I will. I have many clients who walk through my doors telling me: ‘They did not do it.’ I am one of those who believe what my clients tell me and I aggressively defend them in court. I will now be doing the same thing for myself.”

Bajaj has pleaded not guilty to the charges.