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Appalachian School of Law

Attire Guidelines

The purpose of this policy is to convey an appropriate professional image of the Appalachian School of Law, legal education and the legal profession to our students, school visitors and the general public.  We seek to establish appropriate attire guidelines that model for our students and others the professionalism expected of members of our profession, and to encourage recognition of all of our employees as valuable members of the ASL community. 

This policy and these guidelines apply to all employees, full time or part time, as well as student workers and volunteers.

General Policy:  Dress should project an image of and convey professionalism, and it should be appropriate to the employee’s job description and tasks. 

  1. Clothing and shoes should be neat, clean, appropriately sized, and in good condition.
  2. Each employee should be conscientious regarding his or her own personal hygiene and grooming.
  3. Employees are expected to be courteous to others by wearing perfumes, colognes, and lotions sparingly.

During the Academic Year:

All employees will dress appropriately for their job descriptions and tasks when school is in session.  The President or designee will define examples of appropriate dress.  During specially designated days employees may be asked or permitted to deviate from this policy.  This may include wearing more formal attire for special events, or less formal attire for specified job-related projects.  Occasionally, personnel may be granted the privilege to appropriately observe “casual day”.  Inclement weather may necessitate certain modifications in attire.  During such times sweatshirts, casual slacks and suitable footwear are acceptable.

Employees who regularly deal with or may be observed by students and the public should dress to convey a professional image.  Employees who rarely deal directly with or are seldom seen by the public or students have a less formal standard of dress, but nevertheless must dress appropriately.

Policy Other than During the Academic Year:

When school is not in session, the dress code is aligned more to the performance of the tasks being performed.  Employees may choose to wear less formal attire so long as the clothing is in good taste and will not project a negative image upon the law school. 

Special Instructions:

The following items of apparel are deemed inappropriate for all employees during normal working hours:

v     “cut-off” shorts

v     tattered, worn out or ripped clothing

v     tank tops not covered by jacket or other type of shirt

v     any article made of spandex or similar material

v     sheer or revealing clothing

v     sweat suits (unless task-related)

v     clothing with derogatory or disrespectful sayings or signs

v     “midriff” shirts

v     beach shoes or beach-type “flip flops”

Dresses, skirts, skorts and shorts will be considered appropriate if the length meets or exceeds knee length.  All clothing should fit properly.

A violation of the dress code is not grounds for immediate dismissal.  Depending on the severity of the infraction, sanctions may include placement of notice in the employee’s personnel file, probation and/or being sent home to change attire.  Continued and repeated violations after notice may result in employment personnel sanctions up to and including dismissal.