Law schools launch
common admissions test

By James Baxter
Legal Week
February 3, 2004

Eight law schools at English universities have agreed to establish a uniform test for admission to their undergraduate law degrees.

The legal exam dubbed LNAT will be compulsory for those candidates applying to any of the participating universities.

The law schools of the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham, Durham, East Anglia, Nottingham, Bristol, East Anglia and University College, London, are behind the LNAT, which will be made available to other law schools that wish to use it.

The law schools concerned have stressed that the test is not a replacement for A-levels and will be used as an "additional piece of information for selection decisions".

Candidates will take the test for the first time in November 2004 for entry in 2005.

It is believed that the test will be relatively impervious to coaching.

In a statement, University College, London said: "It is hoped that by eliminating the need for extra study the test will be fairer to all candidates, and particularly those candidates whose educational or social background may not provide equal opportunities for preparation.

"In this way the test will help to widen participation in higher education."