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Wills get lost, wills get misplaced, wills get deliberately hidden.

When a friend or loved one dies, one of the most difficult problems for the survivors 
is locating the will of the deceased.

Not anymore.

Will Central is a database of the "last will and testament" of individuals 
throughout the United States and Canada.

Upon the individual's death, the survivors will easily be able to locate his or her will. 

Finding the will quickly saves time and money. 

Not finding the will could be a family disaster.

And the information is kept CONFIDENTIAL. 
Only the heirs and counsel of the deceased will have access to details of the will.

Have YOU registered YOUR WILL?

Have You Even Written Your Will?

You buy insurance for your health, insurance for your car, insurance for your home.

Each is expensive, but each protects you against serious loss.

It's the same thing with writing and registering your will at Will Central. 
The only difference is that registering your will is NOT expensive. 

In fact, it's free.

Do it now.  And update regularly.

This way you will save your family and friends money and time.

And guarantee that your estate is not wasted, 
but goes instead quickly and efficiently to your friends and loved ones.

To register your will for free, click here.

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